Corrugated cardboard iPhone document scanner?

If you have tried to hold your Apple iPhone still long enough to snap an image of a document clearly, and providing you have judged the distance right? It isn’t an easy thing to accomplish, well that is it wasn’t until now.

Industrial design student, Kyle A. Koch, at Cincinnati’s school of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning has come up with a do-it-yourself homemade iPhone document scanner.

Kyle A. Koch, actually created this cleverly crafted home brewed iPhone scanner out of, would you believe…corrugated cardboard.

Ingenious Karl had this to say… “When I got my iPhone last year I loved having everything important in one place, and the ability to get rid of unnecessary devices, documents and information I kept with me. I would frequently snap photos of class assignments printed on copy paper so I wouldn’t have to worry about losing them. The documents normally came out pretty clear, but it was tough to keep still while taking the pictures. I set out to make something that would ensure clean, consistent pictures of documents taken with the iPhone that would be free and easy to make on your own. And so, here you will find pictures of and a link to a template to make your own iPhone document scanner.”

Source — core77 via intomobile


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