South Dakota Cell phone scam

If you live in South Dakota, and have a cell phone, be warned of a new scam that is going on in your area, and be cautions not to give out any personal details over the phone even it it’s an automated service.

The South Dakota Consumer Protection are warning of this scam, it will begin with your cell phone being called, and you will hear a recorded message, it will say something like you credit card account or a credit company has been de-activated. It will then request you hit number one on your cell phone, and then leave your account number, at no time do you end up talking with anyone, plus the caller ID will only show up as a 6 digit number such as 208,788 or 206,766.

Please make sure if you have given any personal account details to an unsolicited source which is anything like we have described to contact your credit card company or bank immediately, or call 1-800-300-1986 for the consumer Protection Division all you can get information on line at www.state.sd.us/attorney

Source: rapidcityjournal

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