Stylish Dior Homme iPhone 3G luxury holder

Well in true catwalk style we see the iPhone 3G sporting a rather fetching Dior Homme jacket. Seriously the style guru’s at Dior Homme have created a luxury holder for your iPhone 3G. Well if you are going to get dressed up to go out, then why shouldn’t you treat your iPhone with the same respect.

Ok, you may need to be wealthy to shed out the $450 for the luxury holder, but if you want to stand out from the crowd and shout quality then why not! Spending that sort of money on an iPhone accessory is not in everyone’s reach but if you’re rich enough or crazy enough to purchase this sleek elegant holder made from finest calf leather, then go for it.

The case also fits the original i-Phone as well as the iPhone 3G and you can purchase from Dior Homme worldwide as part of the Dior Homme’s exclusive Black Tie Collection.

Source: sybarites


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