Apple are you mad pulling iPhone 2.1 push notification?

Got to love what Computer World has said and must say agree with them, their title says “Why did Apple pull iPhone 2.1’s push notification? And that is why we are asking “Apple, are you mad pulling iPhone 2.1 push notification?

Apple did indeed pull the push notification which would have been a fantastic feature from its iPhone 2.1 software; push notification would have been a cool feature for the likes of instant message services when the iPhone is in sleep mode basically better for running in the background so to speak.

Apple possibly pulled this application because it was not stable enough to run without flaws, but come on Apple you are the big boys who should correct flaws before it even happens.

Read what Computer World has said, pretty interesting if you ask me. Do not forget to come back here and comment please as we would love to know what you think.

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One thought on “Apple are you mad pulling iPhone 2.1 push notification?”

  1. Hasan says:


    i am very disappointed, to say the least. they promised push, yet no push. they didn’t even provide an explanation, or an e.t.a..

    on the bright side, my email is pushing very well (my iphone gets mail faster than my macbook pro). when i first signed up for mobile me, i wasn’t getting push at all, but after about a week it kicked in… which gave me hopes of push notifications for my other apps, like IM…


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