We want more from the Apple iPhone: Have your say

We all know how well the Apple iPhone is doing and we know well how many of you are still having problems with the likes of lagging, freezing and many other nuisance issues surrounding the Apple iPhone and iPhone 3G.

On a personal note I am still having problems with my iPhone 3G with the lagging issue and many applications shutting down on me after purchasing from the App Store on the iPhone. Just so everyone knows get all your apps from iTunes then sync your iPhone for downloading, this works much better and decreases the chances of problems.

Apple you are a multi-billion pound company and to be quite honest you are the masters of technology, but and a big but at that you are leaving many customers unhappy with the problems we all still face.

Let us know if you are still having problems and please do let us know where the problems lies, anything to do with the iPhone like problems, applications etc we want to know. We would love to know what you would like from Apple.

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7 thoughts on “We want more from the Apple iPhone: Have your say”

  1. Chateau Fort says:

    The lagging is a real issue for me, I was expecting the phone to be very fast…After I have used 3 or so Apps the system grinds to a halt. Texting can be a real Joke at times, so slow and un-responsive.

    The 3G signal is also very crazy, constantly changing between 5 – 1 bars. Even with full signal the phone isn’t as quick as advertised!

    Another big no no is the lack of flash support! When will Apple get there arse in gear and give us Flash support in the Safari Browser.

    Apart from these issues the phone itself is great, considering the amount of technology crammed into one device….

  2. Bonnie says:

    > The 3G signal is also very crazy, constantly
    > changing between 5 – 1 bars.

    That’s what was announced as SHOULD happen.

    v2.0.2 fixes this problem… but….

    Since many people are NOT yet running v2.0.2…
    it effects everyone (even v2.0.2 users).

    If someone in your area… is running v2.0.1 or
    v2.0 *YOU* will have a problem… even though *YOU* are running v2.0.2.

    Apple can’t fix things… that some refuses to update.

  3. William says:

    I want better signal strength in non 3G areas, I refuse to get one before it’s got as good of signal level as any other phone I can get. I have ~2 bars better signal strength with SE 525 or SE W810 holding either phone side by side with the iPhone (version 1 or 2), I go in places where the signal strength is low and need my phone to be able to keep the call. no iPhone until it can hold on to calls.

  4. misformac says:

    an external keyboard of some sort PLEASE.
    bluetooth would be good, but i’ll settle for a dock connected one.
    it would be great to be able to bring this to class and type notes on it without having to bring a laptop.

  5. Erme Nigzay says:

    Apple iphone 3g is just another inferior product of apple’s which had been given up a make-up and popularity by mass advertisements and promotion. Its just another “pop icon” which will fade away but will make its makers rich and buyers happy for a limited time until apple makes a new useless machine and sell them as if its the next best thing…

  6. x.miki says:

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