PowerSMS perfect for text addicts or SMS marketing

Are you a text addict? well, maybe you need PowerSMS. The app is free but still in beta, but has been put together very well. So if you want to give it a go and want to know a little more about the features, here is a quick run down.

With PowerSMS you can send a text to yourself to remind you of something, you can auto reply to a text and send to groups that you can set up as you wish, Schedule a SMS, plus you are able to check out your statistics, check up the amount of texts you send and to who.

I see PowerSMS as more of a marketing tool, something maybe a company who sends out SMS to a mobile mailing list, sounds extremely cool though and a handy tool to aid you in your texting. PowerSMS also allows you to back up and export your texts as a .xml or .csv file.

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