Free smartphone workshops held by Verizon Wireless

Own a smartphone and live in the Fargo area? This month Verizon Wireless are offering two free personal data assistant and smartphone workshops, and will be held at the Verizon Wireless Communications Store in Fargo, 1895 45th St. S., until Saturday.

The workshop offers a class called “20 Things Your PDA Can Do For You,” which looks at helping mobile phone users get the most from their PDAs by learning all they can about its functions and features.

Topics that are covered include pairing Bluetooth devices, setting up speed dial, camera use, address book synchronization, text messaging, e-mail, Internet browsing, and changing ringtones.

Source — inforum


One thought on “Free smartphone workshops held by Verizon Wireless”

  1. I received a text message to register for online verizon wireless workshop for the 28 or 29 at 11: 00 am. When I go to the web site they sent me to register it doesn’t have a spot for registering on the 29@11: 00 am