eBay user pays $17,100 for BlackBerry Javelin?

Well it appears eBay has done it yet again, they never cease to amaze, nowhere else would you find such a story involving a mobile phone as apparently some eBay user going by the handle of jdavidson31 snapped up the unreleased Research In Motion BlackBerry Javelin for $17,100.

User jdavidson31’s story is already flooding the net wave, and one can see why, I mean is the Research In Motion BlackBerry Javelin really worth that much? Personally I think not, would have been far less expensive to wait for its release, because it seems a bit steep to be able to say “Look what I’ve got.”

eBay user jdavidson31 resides in Canada which just happens to be the home of research In Motion and BlackBerry, so maybe jdavidson31 is actually an employee of RIM making sure the Javelin doesn’t see the light of day until RIM are ready.

Source- informationweek