iPhone 3G: latest accessories from Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology showed off its latest iPhone accessories at the Apple Expo in Paris on Wednesday, included in the collection was the Clafifi protective case and the AirCurve acoustic amplifier dock. The AirCurve dock does not need a power source or batteries to work, it works by simply using a coil waveguide within its base, the AirCurve dock collects and amplifies the sound from the built-in iPhone 3G speaker.

AirCurve allows you to sync your iPhone by passing through a slot in the translucent polycarbonate plastic dock using the Griffin Dock Connector Cable, although you do have to buy the cable separately. Not surprisingly the acoustically amplified sound does not sound as good or loud as the sound you would get from an electronic amplifier, but it’s loud enough to get enjoyment out of it, maybe using as an alarm clock or in a quiet room.

The iPhone 3G Clarifi protective case give you the option to use it as an optical boost for your camera allowing you to zoom up to 6 inches closer if you slide the built in lens into place, it’s said that this is the first case of its kind. If you want to know where to get both of these “must have” iPhone 3G accessories they will be available from October in the US. The AirCurve Dock will cost $19.99 and the Clarifi case at $34.99.

Source: asia.net