Sony Ericsson W595 walkman phone: UK October Launch

Sony Ericsson’s have had their eyes peeled of late watching closely at the smartphone number one slot all thanks to the mind blowing Xperia X1. However with the release of the W595 Walkman phone next month in the UK it’s all going to change.

Jam packed with the usual Sony Ericsson features, you get MMS and Bluetooth, a 3.2 MP camera and 2.2 inch screen and a clever little YouTube application so you can put your videos straight online no messing around.

You have enough room for a 2GB card, so you have a good amount of storage to download all your favourite tracks, you can also download the new DRM-free 7digital if you fancied giving that a go. If you sign a contract with 3 you will be able to get one for free or you will have to pay £130 for the pay-as-you-go. So if you’re into your music then get set for next month’s race go get one.

Source: stuff.tv