How well will SanDisk microSD SlotMusic Format do?

Sandisk has announced partnerships with several music giants such as Sony BMG, Universal, Warner and EMI with a view to launch a physical format called SlotMusic, which is basically a microSD card with music content.

The logic behind the move is the increasing number of devices that have microSD cards, most notably the mobile phone arena. The SlotMusic will actually come pre-loaded with high quality DRM-free music and will include cover-art, videos and further related content.

SlotMusic will initially become available via Best Buy and Wal-Mart in the US, but unfortunately there is no UK release date as yet.

Couple of drawbacks though as it could possible cost more to manufacture small capacity cards as opposed to large ones, you won’t be able to play the music on your computer without an adapter, and being they are miniscule cards are easily lost

So the big question is how well will SanDisk microSD SlotMusic Format do?

Source — itproportal