Nomad Portable Speaker great for Apple iPhone and iPod

The Nomad Portable Speaker is a lightweight speaker designed in the 1930’s vintage luggage style, and brings back reminiscence of an era gone by, yet incorporates the technology of today such as a dedicated Aux input for your laptop, turntable, Apple iPod or MP3 player, and is also great for the Apple iPhone.

The Nomad Portable Speaker id a full-range speaker with SRS resonance, constructed in sturdy wood and dressed in stylish tweed vinyl giving it that superb 1930’s design.

Incorporating telescopic antenna, airplane dial tuner display, tuning knob at the front, on/off/volume knob, AM/FM/Aux Input select switch at the back, electronically assisted tuner, and includes adapter so you can select either power socket or batteries.

The Nomad Portable Speaker is exclusive to Urban Outfitters with a price tag of $72.00

Source — urbanoutfitters