T-MobileG1.com: everything about the G1 google phone

T-MobileG1.com is now live and jam packed full of information about the T-Mobile G1 android phone which is set to rival Apple’s iPhone.

You site is pretty basic but you will find a wealth of information about the G1 in a tab like form on the website. You will find tabs for overview, announcement, features, headlines, about 3G and FAQ, you can also pre-order your T-Mobile G1 and as the site says get it delivered straight to your door whilst supplies last, you can also click to see where the T-Mobile 3G coverage area’s are and what services you are still available if you live in a T-Mobile G1 area.

The site also goes on to talk about how T-Mobile become a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance in 2007, and how The T-Mobile G1 is the first phone to provide access to Android market, allowing customers to find and download applications that suit their lifestyles.

Source: T-Mobileg1.com