T-Mobile G1 phone: how much exactly is it?

If you want to know the price of the T-Mobile G1 android smartphone then you might be waiting some time, as there is no straight forward answer regarding price, it seems that although the T-Mobile G1 website says from as low as $179 the emphasis is more on the “from” rather than “$179”, One Android fan when pre-ordering their G1 was quoted the price of $299, hundred dollars is a bit of a difference I say.

Before you rush to the T-Mobile G1 website be sure you are a T-Mobile existing customer as they are the only people who can pre-order the G1 at the moment. So we do wonder if the T-Mobile existing customers are offered the phone at a cheaper price than customers wishing to join T-Mobile and get the G1, we will get to the bottom of the charging system and report back.

If you have pre-ordered or registered to pre-order let us know how much you are paying for it and where you are based around the world, we value your feedback and I am sure our readers do to.

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27 thoughts on “T-Mobile G1 phone: how much exactly is it?”

  1. Ruthie says:

    I went to pre order it but they quoted me for 299. so thats a big diffrence so i backed out for now.

  2. TxBig says:

    Same as Ruthie,
    I received an email from T-mobile. Logged in to my account and clicked on buy now; $299 is the price listed ($399 ‘upgrade price’ less $100 online discount). Doesn’t look like a $300 phone compared to ATT and Verizon options…

  3. J.O says:

    i went online and got mine at 299.99 but after the upgrade fee and everything the total was 342.63… but thats because i did an upgrade about 6months ago thats why i did not get the full discount because i already got it with the phone i have now

  4. VJM says:

    I went on t-mobile.com and upgraded for $299, with tax and the upgrade fee it was $337.

    Chicago, IL

  5. COLIE says:

    how come it’s 342$ if it said that it’s only 179 and question speaking of being a t-mobile existing customer do we get a discount??

  6. NYC says:

    I got mine with an upgrade for two years at the t-mobile website (USA) for 213.00 which includes all the taxes and activation fee for new customers. I cannot wait to get my hands on this phone….

  7. Ronald says:

    well…i order mine on the 23 and i was quoted $179 plus tax i then got a text from t-mobile saying i was charged $196.32….but i then went to check online and saw dat it was now for $299, i wonder if dat affects us who got it for 179…?

  8. mob says:

    I pre-ordered mine for the $179 price + tax and $18 upgrade fee. I was past my initial 2 year commitment.

    If you are still in a 2 year contract, you will have to consider the discount you got on your current phone. The discount for the G1 will not be the full discount if you have not paid off your first phone. The discount is spread out over the 2 year contract.

    Cant wait to get the G1 in Oct.

  9. mob says:

    I forgot tp post my location – Philadelphia – one of the cities where the 3G network is planned on being blanketed.

  10. Luis says:

    I got it the first day it came out for $179.99 plus tax and fees came out to about $213.
    It is $179.99 if you have been a T-Mobile customer for longer (over two years?) I have been with T-Mobile since 2003 and this was my first ever upgrade.
    I went to see if I could order another one and the price is now $299.99, I’m assuming because I’m a “new” T-Mobile customer.

  11. trey says:

    I ordered two phonesfor 179.99 +18 upgrade fee +taxes = total of 211.00 each. 2 yr upgrade required. I live in GA.

  12. sommer says:

    I have this ugly tmobile phone and if I had it for like two years, how much will it cost me to get the g1?

  13. Ad says:

    I Went online , i was charged 299 bucks . i upgraded a month back because i lost my phone and didnt wanna spend much on a phone then, spent only 18 bucks on it . now its costing me! I dont understand their idea. so as new customer, i would get it at 179 bucks but as a old one i get charged more . So am i being punished for having t mobile ?

  14. Naazim says:

    I went ahead and just called the T-mobile help line and they said that since my service just experied on monday (but not yet canceled/renewed) I was able to preorder the g1 at 179 + TAX and that the existing customers would not get a better discount than that. You also have to buy a data plan which is $25 for 400 text and other things or $35 for unlimited everything. (without data plan it wont work). the representative said that they got an email saying that there are 25000 more available for now, and thats it, so if you want one and your a T-mobile customer get one NOW!

  15. marshmallows says:

    how bout in CALIFORNIA how much will it be??
    is it lyke the same ask those frm other states????

  16. OutSpoken says:

    What about UK prices?

    I can’t find anywhere on the net that quotes UK handset only prices for the G1.

  17. tony says:

    why is it going to cost me over £800 to get this phone in the uk. its far to much now we are in this credit cunch to.

  18. OutSpoken says:

    £800!!! are you serious?

    In that case forget it, I think I will wait for my upgrade next year, by then they’ll probably have the 2nd gen out.

  19. kevin says:

    I was charged $179 for first G1 and told I could add a new line and order a second phone but was charged $299 but not until November 25 seems like bait and switch now they are telling me I can’t return or cancel with buyer’s remorse because its 3 days past the deadline….no supervisor available at customer service due to thanksgiving holiday. Anyone who was charged more than $179 should call to complain.

  20. Amanda says:

    Kevin thanks for that, I upgraded to the G1 phone when it was first available and could not get it at the $179 price but was quoted $299 well November 28th my bill all of a sudden went to $500 and they were saying that I got an accesories kit and all this other stuff but I didnt purchase anything seperate from the G1 phone. So when I get home I will be calling them again and complaining now that I have seen all of these posts.

    Denver Colorado

  21. ferah says:

    I got mine free with upgrade free internet as well $50 per month for the line 10 hours free talk and unlimitesd text

  22. derek says:

    Mine was free in the UK and £40 for 800 cross network mins, unlimited texts and unlimited internet. Pretty impressed to be honest!