Samsung M3200 Beat: packed with music features

Samsung M3200 Beat is the kind of phone that just screams to every music enthusiast “pick me up and listen how good I am” and indeed you won’t be disappointed with the music features on the M3200 Beat. However, might not have the air of sophistication the i450 has but this has got to wins hands down on the music.

This Samsung Beat has a brand new application its brand new music recognition which does exactly what it says, it also has a mood-based track sorting and a FM radio with RDS and audio recording, the Samsung M3200 really is a fully packed music player, but if the power of the Bang&Olufsen amplifier is just too loud for people around you it has a clever turn to mute feature to keep everyone happy.

You also have a set of stereo speakers with a 3.5 mm audio jack, looking at the other spec of the Samsung M3200 Beat you get a 2 megapixel camera, Stereo Bluetooth and a 72 MB inbuilt memory and a microSD that you can expand to a 8GB.

Source: gsmarena

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