BlackBerry 8220 Flip pre-release Kickstart found on eBay

Over at that place where is seems you can get hold of anything for the right price, including mobile phones that haven’t been shipped yet, that place known as eBay, there is a Research In Motion BlackBerry 8220 Kickstart, or what is now known as the Blackberry Pearl 2.

The ad states this first BlackBerry flip 8220 is not a prototype, and is unlocked and unbranded, and apparently comes with wall microUSB charger Computer USB to micro-USB syncing/charging cable, Desktop Charging Cradle, inserted battery plus replacement battery.

It’s apparently new and never opened; although how the guy managed to take the photos with opening it I’m not too sure. The bidding is currently running at $455.00, but remember if you’re interested, you will not get any warranty of any kind.

Source — eBay