New Pharming Trojan targets iPhone fans as video

The creators of the antivirus program Panda Security have announced they have located a new Trojan known as Banker.LKCTrojan, this Trojan pretends to be a video of the Apple iPhone and attacks internet surfers with pharming.

Pharming is a more sophisticated type of phishing and for the first time it is targets directly at iPhone fans, and involves manipulating the Domain Name Server through the configuration of the TCP/IP protocol or the host file.

“Usually, DNS servers store the numeric address or IP address (e.g., associated to each domain name or URL (e.g. www.iphoneworld.ca). The result of the cyber-criminals’ interference is that when a user enters the name of a Web page, the server redirects him or her to another IP address, hosting a fraudulent Web page, designed to have the appearance of the original page.”

Source — iphoneworld

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