Skyfire mobile browser 0.8 try it for free

Skyfire mobile browser is definitely a browser to talk about, it does what you would expect any mobile browser to do but has some great new features for instance the Skyfire brings content to your phone in the same way it does on your desktop giving you a much more dynamic look.

Skyfire does it this by taking all the nitty gritty work and doing it on the server, so when you receive it to your mobile it’s ready to display straight away, so no more worries about Flash or long launches.

So the 0.8 browser version on SkyFire mobile has loads of new features and is also open to the public beta if you’re on the Windows Mobile version you can enjoy all it has to offer. New features include faster launch time, contextual zoom and good content download this list is endless, Skyfire is still free so go give it a go.

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  1. I’ve managed to get Skyfire on my MDA Vario III here in the UK. On the Skyfire website I just typed in my mobile no. without the 0 (zero) and successfully signed up and downloaded the software. For flash videos and listening to music samples on say 7digital, Skyfire is excellent. It’s not perfect, e.g. the SmartFit doesn’t work so zooming in on text is a bit of a pain as the text doesn’t wrap around so loads of scrolling left and right, but it is still in Beta and apparently is coming to the UK soon. How soon is anyone’s guess!

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