Could the G1 kill the PC? HTC boss thinks so

According to High Tech Computers, (that’s HTC the company who manufacture the new Google Android G1 mobile phone), boss Florian Seiche, the launch of the Android G1 is “really big news for the entire mobile world,” and that the G1 could possibly make the personal computer obsolete.

Seiche, says: “It is so fast, responsive and easy to navigate that you basically have the same browsing experience you would have on your desktop at home.”

One should of course forgive Seiche for being a little smug, as since HTC’s formation they have broken away from just being another manufacturer for the big names of the mobile world and have produced high class handsets of their own brand such as the HTC Touch Diamond, and Touch Pro.

However with the launch of the Android G1 it now becomes a David and Goliath type battle with the hugely popular Apple iPhone 3G; the G1 strikes at the heart of the Apple iPhone’s selling point by taking advantage of Google’s wealth of applications.

Can the G1 become greater than the Apple iPhone? Could the G1 make computers obsolete? What are your views?

Source — The Telegraph