Should mobile phones carry a health warning?

Scientists have warned that mobile phones should carry a health warning much like the warning that cigarette packets are forced to carry.

Experts have told a U.S. congressional committee that the authorities must not make the same mistakes over possible links between brain cancer and mobile phones like the mistakes with lung cancer and cigarettes.

Director of the institute of health and environment at the University of Albany, Professor David Carpenter, says: “Society must not repeat the situation we had with smoking and lung cancer, where we waited until every ‘i’ was dotted and ‘t’ was crossed before warnings were issued. Precaution is warranted even in the absence of absolutely final evidence concerning the magnitude of the risk – especially for children.”

Are the scientists being overly cautious, or do you think it’s just scare-mongering? Do you think heavy usage of mobile phones can cause brain cancer? Should they carry a health warning?

Source — Daily Mail