Confirmed: Adobe Flash Player for iPhone

Sr. Director of Engineering at Adobe Systems Paul Betlem, while at the Flash On The Beach conference in Brighton, confirmed that Adobe is indeed developing a Flash Player for the Apple iPhone.

That’s right, Mr. Betlem actually confirmed that Apple will be gaining Adobe Flash on the Apple iPhone, but Apple still calls the shots as to when.

Betlem said: “My team is working on Flash on the iPhone, but it’s a closed platform.”

So there you have it, all we need now is for Apple to actually pull their finger out of their iPhone and say go ahead Adobe, the Apple iPhone wants Adobe Flash.

Source — flashmagazine


36 thoughts on “Confirmed: Adobe Flash Player for iPhone”

  1. Apple will not release flash. Think about it. Once you have flash Apple will lose controle over programing and gaming. After all, you can program games in flash and sell the access outside of the itunes store. It will never happen. And that is a shame.

  2. What a shame I have just bought the iPhone and can’t use Bluetooth headphones or watch flash movies this phone can’t record movies no zoom no mms holy shot apple get your fingers out and upgrade this phone and make of the finest and not the most primative phones on the Market. The phone is a work of art but the features are pityful

  3. Apple, I appreciate your efforts for launching a great piece of art in a form of iPhone, but you people need to work from
    every aspect, to maintain the same standard. The feel is good but I feel trap sometimes. No camera zoom, no camera flash, flash player is not supported. It should be open to all platforms. The party is over now. Pl sit down and work.

  4. Bhf1974 says:

    I believe that if Apple tries any harder to control every aspect of the iphone it will only create more of an industry for jailbreaking. I’m not saying that is right. People are not going to buy such a totally complete device and then be told they had to look at some of the greatest tools it is capable of from behind glass window. Even if people hear that they will either add it or fix it, they want it now. So I say hurry up before people switch to jailbreaking rather than be loyal to Apple. I’m not saying that hacking of the iphone will stop. But if Apple takes care of things people say needs addressed when they know it needs done, instead of unveiling items that are common place in crappy phones like they were the newest option available. If they take care of that then the amount of jailbreaking will drop. I love my iPhone and will tough it out but I am the exception. Most just do what they have to do to get the options they want. The problem with that is some will keep on that side of the fence and fight any effort to force them to come back. People love their technology, but hate to be told how to use it as apple gains more of the center stage, they will see.

  5. Jason says:

    Apple!!!!!!! Please just give us the options we want. Give us flash and mms support. We are the customers and the customer is always right. Am I wrong?

  6. Haugsoen says:

    OMG Apple. We all have waited for the flash player to come for almost 2 year’s now, whats the big hold up? You guys got the technoligy, you got the money, but you are to afraid of loosing control. If u guys dont launch the flash player soon, MANY MANY people will end in jailbreaking their ipod/iphone… To be honest, i ended up doing it… Me and 3 million others to be excact…

  7. J says:

    I had the competitors phone and I switched to the iPhone but to be honest I am very disappointed about how inconvinient it is to have to buy and application for MMS and you need to buy a song and then pay again for the ringtone. Or how about not being able to use bluetooth at the gym while running at the treadmill, a friend of mine broke her iPod when her arm caught the wire from his headset while running. Wireless means being free and I deduce that Apple does not want us to cut loose.
    I believe that to be the best, you need to have the abilities of everyone and more. And although there is so many useful applications it’s lacking the basic functions that constitute the base of every cell phone. Apple as a loyal customer I ask of you to focus less on marketing and focus more on satisfying your customers. Our wallets will consequently follow.

  8. Waqas says:

    Apple will not publish any flash player. I think the best way is to jailbreak. After jailbreaking finally i am able to play flash movies on iphone believe me jailbreak ur iphone and u will just have to download imobilecinema and then all flash videos will work. I got iphone 3g and tired of waiting for flash player. they lots are just lair. they are never gonna publish flash player, now imobilecinema is in beta version finally and works perfectly even with 3g connection.

  9. Naeem says:

    I am dissapointed with what apple are doing 1. no flash player and no discussion as to when it will be done. 2. Itunes is one of the most ridiculous programs that ive ever used (i thought apples ethos is about everything being so user friendly. 3. Rubbish bluetooth.

    Wake up Apple your losing your credibility.

  10. Brykasema says:

    I think with the event of google android allowing free turn by turn sat nav, which I doubt will be available for iPhone because apple being apple will boost android. Plus it will have the mobile version of flashplayer. So in a year or so when contracts run out and iPhone users come to upgrade, the iPhone won’t be the be all and end all because other manufacturers will have caught up to the iPhone hopefully, then we can switch to android who will also have a good back catalogue of apps. then I for one will be an android user I’m afraid, coz I just want to be able to watch the BBC Iplayer and if I can’t when I upgrade then I will vote with my wallet.

  11. Brykasema says:

    If you want to make ringtones fo your Iphone from iTunes just type how to make ringtones for iPhone in your browser I have done this, it is very easy your phone doesn’t need to be jailbroke. You can’t do it to drm files but imported mp3s or CDs work perfectly. They can’t be more than 30 seconds long, but if you look on the web it tells you how to cut songs down using iTunes once you’ve done that you make an aac copy then change the file name from m4a to m4r. Simples

  12. Graham says:

    I can not believe that Apple sell such primitive phones at such high prices. Take a look at what’s available on the market Apple and get real with your products. How could you bring a phone to market that only has 3 mpixel camera, no flash player and does not multitask. What rubbish I’m getting an HTC they are in a different league.

  13. auir says:

    apple i got the product thinking i could watch flash player movies? oh no ill sell my apple products and get microsoft windows, back to basics apple ur a waste of time

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