Full changelog for Nokia N96 MCU SW v10 to v11

Nokia rolled out their first firmware update for the Nokia N96 the other day, and the changlog is most important along with the full list of bugs and various errors that have already been reported for the just released firmware.

Yes this newly released update is full of bugs so we’ll probably be seeing another update pushed out soon. So what are the changes and improvements from MCU SW v10 to v11?

Here we go with fixes: DM settings aren’t generated automatically, when Email settings are defined in variant, White or black screen flashes when power saver time-out expires during an active video call, 3D Ringing tone is too low, Phone resets when plugging-unplugging headset for several times during music playback, and during an active voice call, power saver displays when power saver time-out expires and then phone goes to sleep mode while the call is still ongoing.

Hit up the link for the complete list

Source — symbian-freak