LG KP500 the most affordable phone? Video

The LG KP500 brings a stylish full-touch mobile handset to the populace which stands at just 11.9mm thick and could possibly be the most affordable mobile handset from LG, but does not cut on the expense of style.

LG’s KP500 borrows it’s design from sister handset the LG Renoir and incorporates the latest reincarnation of LG’s propriety Flashed based UI. The KP500’s user interface is thumb optimised however incorporates a stylus as well for assisted handwriting recognition.

Sitting in LG’s mid-range, the KP500 lacks 3G but does have quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE giving true worldwide coverage. While also incorporating a 3 megapixel camera fixed focus, 3 inch wide touch-screen display, FM radio, Bluetooth, virtual landscape QWERTY, and microSD card slot.

The LG KP500 weighs 89 grams and should become available sometime in October 08 in Europe, but as yet no pricing has been announced.
Official LG KP500 demo video below

Source — GSMarena


2 thoughts on “LG KP500 the most affordable phone? Video”

  1. Darren says:

    Excellent phone such a good mobile with touch screen i have also got the Viewty but this little baby has taken its place even though the canera is a smaller m-pixel i love it and wont let it go.

  2. shahbaz says:

    I bought LG KP500 two weeks ago. Just like you, I don’t buy anything without knowing it. Most of the reviews recommend this phone.

    It has qwerty on screen key board which is quite handy in typing messages, just turn the phone to horizontal position and you get onscreen qwerty key board to type messages.

    I also encounter people complaining about LG PC Suite. Most of the people complaining about phone not able to recognized by windows XP, I am having same issue but upon further investigating I found this issue is related to windows XP not with LG PC suite, I tried to install LG PC suite on windows XP home edition with USB connectivity first time it worked fine then I disconnected my phone and tried to reconnect via the USB but result in windows error: “unable to recognize the device”. But it works fine with blue tooth connectivity; I didn’t find any issue with blue tooth connectivity.

    At work I am using windows XP professional edition and I never encountered any issue in connectivity with USB.

    The 3.0 mega pixel camera is embedded but without zooming capabilities. You can make videos can take pictures. I got free 1GB memory card with the phone, you can upgrade it up to 8GB, but I won’t advice you to go for it as it might slow down your installed applications. It doesn’t have WIFI and it is not iphone but it has lots of cool feature.

    The phone is cheaper as compare to any touch class phone. I really like it, it is quite cool.

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