Apple, Vodafone or Nokia mobile music: you decide

Starting with Vodafone’s service, you get unlimited track download from a huge library of over one million songs and when you are on the mobile phone network it will set you back £1.99 a week, not only that, if you are a new user, Vodafone will give a free week of downloading.

Nokia have just launched a free unlimited song download service, trying to sway Apple iPod users to ditch their devices and use the Nokia mobile for their music listening instead, you can download millions of songs through the Nokia store, the phone giant will also allows you to keep forever your treasured tracks. If you want to upgrade your Nokia from MusicStation the songs you have already downloaded will be transferred to your new handset.

Last but not least if you own a iPhone or iPod Touch you can download tracks for free if it’s available in the digital-rights management software which you will find in the iTunes Plus format, otherwise you will pay a fixed fee of 79p for any song you decide to download from the iTunes music store and you can do this in any wireless internet zone.

So out of Vodafone, Apple and Nokia mobile music download services which one do you think is the best? or indeed if you are using any mobile music service please feel free to comment and share with other readers your user experience.

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