Apple iPhone: Five interesting myths explored

With a mobile so popular as the Apple iPhone there are obviously many rumours flying around, some turn out to be true while others not; so to peak your interest here are five myths on the Apple iPhone for you to mull over.

First up is Verizon EVDO iPhone is just around the corner. This probably isn’t going to happen, not while AT&T has that exclusive contract in place anyway. But even if Apple did manage to get past that contract an EVDO phone doesn’t make much sense as they would have gone for EVDO already.
Next is the App Store is doomed because of terminating 6 apps. Yeah right, like 6 applications being terminated is going to hurt the Apple iTunes App Store, somehow I think not; and it’s not likely all developers will up and run to the Android is it?

Third myth is the App Store proves anyone can sell mobile software. Well I guess yeah, if you are good enough you could sell mobile software, but then does the everyday software tinkerer had the backing of someone as large and powerful as Apple? Sure other big boys in the game make clones of the iTunes App Store, but it remains to be seen if they will actually be as popular.

Fourth myth is that Apple iPhone games can’t compete. My personal view on this is, maybe not yet, the iPhone as a gaming platform is relatively new, but Apple has already demonstrated big name titles in development. Give Apple an inch and they’ll take a mile, and the same goes for the lucrative gaming business. If Apple thinks it can make a huge killing in the mobile gaming market you can bet your life they hit it hard as soon as they can.

Lastly is Steve Jobs doesn’t like video games. Maybe he doesn’t, but let’s look at it this way, a buck is a buck right? Jobs said he has a complete lack of interest in TV, yet Apple now sell the majority of TV downloads. Like all things in business, you see a potential opening, whether your personal preference is you don’t want to or not, if there’s cash to be made inevitably the business mind wins through and heads for the potential revenue market.

Well those are my view, do you have any?

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One thought on “Apple iPhone: Five interesting myths explored”

  1. Matt says:

    The App Store is doomed because of terminating 6 apps.

    I think it actually is doomed due to a snowball effect…

    1. Apple terminates Apps for no good reason.
    2. Devs get frustrated and annoyed
    3. Google Android and Windows Mobile 7 come out offering no restrictions for devs
    4. Devs stop developing Apps for the iPhone and start making Apps for the other two platforms.
    5. App store becomes a crapplet haven
    6. The iPhone is now viewed as the “dumb blonde” of smartphones… no offense to blondes intended, just dumb blondes.

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