Indoor Positioning: Good or bad idea?

Ninety percent of people’s time is spent inside the home according to research, and GPS only works outside, therefore Indoor Positioning could be one of those super killer applications that could well change the way people interact.

Research leader for Wireless Systems and Services, Kimmo Kalliola, has given an update on Indoor Positioning which was shown off last year.

Indoor navigation could be said to be more important than outdoor navigation, and that doesn’t necessarily mean finding your way round in the dark but more of like finding your seat at a football stadium, or finding the shop you are looking for in a large shopping centre.

Indoor Positioning can work in the work place as well, finding the right meeting room, locating the correct printer and such; and locating you vehicle in a crowded car park would become easy.

Nokia already has Indoor Positioning under trials in over 40 buildings worldwide, and the application is being considered by Beta Labs.

Source — Nokia conversations

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