Debate: Would Apple really shutdown iTunes?

This latest news could be a little bit scary if it happens, we have titled it “Would Apple really shutdown iTunes?

We all know that the digital royalty rates is due to rise pretty soon and with an amazing threat by Apple to close iTunes this would mean major setbacks for users, Amazon music is on the new Google phone (G1) which means they would be in a very strong position. Reports have shown that there is an 18-month old threat from Apple that they could possibly shutdown iTunes thanks to the digital music royalties rising.

It has been said that digital music royalty rates could be as steep as 15 cents per track instead of the normal 9 cents per track which is a major jump. Apple apparently will not increase its 99 cents per track price or absorb the rise that is due to happen.

The reason we here at Phones Review is reporting this, is because all iPhone users will suffer immensely seeing as we download most stuff from iTunes. Where do we stand?

Read the full story here.

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