RIMM plummets: Nokia Tube will be clear winner over RIM

Nokia is set to walk all over Research in Motion (RIMM) as it launches its newest Smartphone the “Tube” with its touch screen technology features to rival Apple’s iPhone touchscreen we believe that the Nokia Tube is going to be a much talked about Smartphone.

Nokia will illustrate how the phone giant will be making good use of the mobile services pushing forward in all aspects. The Tube is set to be a competitor for the Google G1 that launched last week, according to a research analyst who would prefer to stay nameless.

It looks like Nokia have launched the Tube just at the right time for the holiday season, this Smartphone is sure to help Nokia grab a better share in the US market. It’s been said that by the fourth quarter of 2008 the Smartphone shipments will grow over 80 percent.

Research in Motion (RIMM) share value has tumbled from its all-time high of around $150 per share. RIMM was valued at $68 per share on Tuesday close.

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