Vodafone: BlackBerry Storm Nov 9 Verizon: Storm Nov 7

Vodafone is set to launch the BlackBerry Storm worldwide on November 9, all evidence points to this date although BGR have not yet officially announced it, my money’s on it being true.

And for those of you who are saying I thought it was November 7? You may be confused with the BlackBerry Storm release date on Verizon which is hinted to be on the November 7.

Ok, you may be thinking I have been waiting so long for my Storm and just want to know the exact date not hearsay, we may get official information at the Vodafone, RIM and Vodafone event in New York will definitely make official announcements regarding the launch date, but sorry to say it, but this event is rumoured to be on October 9. I think they should have called the BlackBerry Storm a BlackBerry Secret, come on put us out of our misery and just give us the official dates please.

Source: phonemag