Windows Mobile 6.1 update and fixes for HTC Touch Cruise

HTC has finally given a long overdue OS update for their HTC Touch Cruise mobile phone by updating the handset OS to Windows Mobile 6.1, which brings it up to scratch, but HTC has also thrown in a few fixes as well.

So here are the fixes HTC has pushed out to the HTC Touch Cruise… It may happen that the device will not remember the last onscreen keyboard used. Before, the onscreen keyboard always defaults to the Touch Keyboard… Title Bar disappears when you go back to the Home screen… the FM Radio program uses the incorrect output mode (Speaker or Headset) before the application launches.

Also…It may happen that you cannot hear anything when using Bluetooth headsets (Jabra JX10, Jabra BT500 or Samsung WEP 150) even when it has already successfully reconnected with the Touch Cruise… the camera viewfinder is cut when you open a Powerpoint file and then tap Options… the TouchFLO setting does not appear in the Settings > System tab… TomTom does not show in the Home screen… the display becomes “abnormal” after taking a picture in GPS mode and then going into Suspend/Resume mode.

Well at least that’s a few fixes to make the HTC Touch Cruise cruise along a bit better.

Source — wmexperts