Verizon to sell Motorola VU204 as of October 14th

If you are a Verizon customer who has been waiting patiently for the arrival of the Motorola VU204 low end flip, well your boat’s just come in because Verizon will be pushing out the Motorola VU204 as of the 14th of October.

The key features of the Motorola VU204 include a primary 220 x 176 display with 96 x 80 secondary display, GPS, VGA cam, and Bluetooth with a design that just may get passers by thinking that you’ve opted for the more expensive VU30.

Price wise Verizon will be requiring a signature and $29.99 after a rebate, or if you want it without a contract it’ll set you back $199.99.

Source — Engadget


One thought on “Verizon to sell Motorola VU204 as of October 14th”

  1. DEXTER SHORT says:

    The VU204 has a battery cover that has serious flaws. The lower port covers will not stay locked in, which means they flop and hang by the rubber attachment. Normally it would be a simple fix by just taking off the port covers, however, if you remove the port covers the battery cover will not lock in place. Consequently you are left with two undesirable situations. You leave the covers in the back plate and they flop out making insertion or removal from any case a problem, or you remove them and the battery case cover comes off. Neither situation is acceptable to me. Verizon is getting this one back tomorrow.