Is the new Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic better than the iPhone?

Now it time to compare just a little bit between the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic and the Apple iPhone, Neil Bergh from Hightechz.com sent us this comparison, so we would like to thank him in advance. Please read his review titled “Is the new Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic better than the iPhone?”

I find myself reading on several websites that the new Nokia 5800 is the first real competitor against iPhone. Usually there are a lot of opinions and subjective statements from either side, and of course it’s difficult to do a proper evaluation when the new Nokia isn’t even out yet. However I though I should do my best to do a proper comparison of the two mobile phones.

1. The camera.
I think the Nokia 5800 wins this round. It is provided with a 3.2Mpix camera with Carl Zeiss Optics and dual flash. The iPhone on the other hand mounts a basic 2Mpix camera, without flash.

2. Input methods.
Nokia 5800 has the new handwriting feature, similar to the palm computers. I haven’t tried it myself, but if it works properly I’m sure it will be very practical instead of typing if you want to write a quick sms or note. The new Nokia also has a plectrum. This one I’m not so sure about. It doesn’t seem extremely useful. But of course if you don’t need it just throw it away.

3. Battery.
Nokia seems to be better at this one as well. However we can only go on the specifications for the Nokia 5800. The iPhone specifications mention a standby time up to 300h, audio playback up to 24h and a talk time of 5-10h depending on if you use 2G or 3G.
In the specifications on the Nokia website for the 5800 they claim it will have a standby time of 16.7 days that should equal approximately 400 hours. Talk time very similar to the iPhone and audio playback of 1.5 days which should be 36 hours. Although as I said before these are specifications. As we all know it’s usually much lower than this especially when you have used your phone for a while. So there is not many conclusions we can draw from this more than that Nokia claims to have a little better general battery time.

4. Video recording.
This is interesting. The iPhone is not capable of video recording yet. Sure on jailbroken phones I have read it could be possible but the Nokia 5800 has video recording as a standard application. You should also be able to do video calls with your friends which is not possible with the iPhone.

5. The display.
The Nokia 5800 has a smaller display than the iPhone, 3.2 inch against the 3.5 inch for the iPhone. However the resolution is better on the Nokia 5800 with 640*360 pixels against 480*320 pixels for the iPhone.

6. The price.
Nokia claims the price will be 279 euro. Which should be less than the price of the iPhone? I guess this is one of the main advantages of the Nokia 5800. They are quite similar but the lower price probably appeals to a wider range of customers. Sure we don’t know how apple will react. Maybe they will lower their prices as well. But for now it’s a big advantage for Nokia.

7. The music.
Apple has a huge advantage in their established iTunes website. However Nokia has a music store of its own. When you buy your Nokia 5800 you will get free music for a year, which of course is very generous. Sure apple has an advantage in this area; they do have their background in mp3 players and iTunes. Although it seems like Nokia is working very hard in this area with their music shop and the increased battery hours while listening to music.

8. General things.
A disadvantage with the iPhone has been that it can’t send MMS. However the Nokia 5800 is able to do this. The Nokia 5800 also has a GPS. I have read that there is some kind of external GPS you can buy for the iPhone but for Nokia it’s included. Although Nokia lacks a few things that the iPhone has, for example it doesn’t support multi touch which many people like about the iPhone.

As a conclusion I find that there are a lot of similarities between to two. At least the Nokia 5800 shouldn’t be worse than the iPhone, but cheaper. If everything that they claim is true, you sure get a lot for your money buying a Nokia 5800.

Thank you once again Neil Bergh from Hightechz.com


134 thoughts on “Is the new Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic better than the iPhone?”

  1. Kev says:

    I think the only downside of the Iphone is the Camera, and I am sure that the Nokia is all singing and dancing, but the N95 I have just replaced with the IPhone just fell on it’s a*se all the time, so my faith in the stability of Nokia phones has taken a real hit. So far the IPhone is a much better quiality unit than any Nokia I have ever owned.

  2. Tin says:

    You guys … comparing specification is pure stupidity … what about the user interface, how smooth is the nokia? what are some of the useful software out there for the phone?

  3. michael says:

    first of all iphone is 200 which is cheaper than the nokia will be…second iphone 3g has a gpd third iphone battery became verry good with the new firm wires released lately .please before you write somthing make sure you know everything about what you talking about jeez!!

  4. Dan says:


    You could probably do with following your own advice. The 5800 is 279 Euros SIM FREE, so no contract. The iPhone price you quote (Dollars?) comes with a contract.

    To compare like-with-like you have to look at the sim-free or pay-as-you-go (non contract) price of the iPhone 3G. In he UK, the 5800 will be £254 sim free, while the 8GB iPhone 3G is £350 on O2’s pay-as-you-go, which keeps it locked to O2.

    That makes the Nokia nearly £100 cheaper and it’s unlocked for use on any network.

    Jeez, as you say.

  5. I’m using my Nokia phone as a modem a lot … and don’t forget about A-GPS that can use software like Nokia Map for turn bye turn voice guidance .. Iphone do not have all this great functionalities.

  6. arashiodori says:

    “You guys … comparing specification is pure stupidity … what about the user interface, how smooth is the nokia? what are some of the useful software out there for the phone?”

    Truckloads of software. S60 5th Ed is backwards compatible with S60 3rd Ed applications, which has a much higher ‘count’ that Apple’s App Store, and it also has a much more stringent scanning process, and now Apple just gave up it’s hold on Quality, whereas Symbian Signed stills holds on onto it.

  7. michael says:

    first i was talking about the prices in the u.s .. i didn’t know that iphone’s price is more exepensive in europe BUT.. if i consider that nokia is sim free like you said …i will still gonna want to pay for unlimited internet every month or what will be the purpose of the phone if i will not use the internet? and in this case the unlimited data plan for another cell phone will be more exepensive for the data plan of the iphone (note:i pay $20 monthly) but anyway i lost interest in nokia once i knew it’s not multi touch wich will be a pain in the ass using it with no multi touch …but anyway each person has differant openions …

  8. nooby says:

    i currently own the nokia 5800 its is good an doesnt lag but mine tur s off automtically by its own when it is in my pocket, dont know th exact problem but om trying to find a soulotion (just wanted u to know and by the way im typing with it right now to write this in this website using wlan

  9. Dark_Michael says:

    At first i am not a “michael” 😉
    At second to nooby: lock the keypad ^^
    At third:
    I have this phone (5800), and it’s very very good because of it’s functionality. It’s true that some of S60 v3 applications are not working, but it’s a little bit of S60 v3 applications. It have cool UI effects 😛
    And at all, it have very short battery life…
    It goes down after about 12 hrs.

    PS. Sorry for my English, but I’m from Poland

  10. tony says:

    I dont know about you lot but i can tell you couple of reasons why nokia 5800 is better than i-phone . It is very simple, with nokia you can bluetooth pics. music, ringtones video record everything while with iphone only if you jailbreak you can video-record but you can not save it in you lap-top or computer.or in your video file so therefor nokia wins one more time.By the way I have them both and I am not joking,so get the nokia 5800 than compare it and see for yourself.
    thank you

  11. jthess says:

    I am writing this USING a 5800 and I can say it is worth the €330 I payed for it but it CANNOT COMPARE to the iPhone. You need something like the Omnia for that (and even that doesn’t compare to a jailbroken iPhone). Pricerange is the word here. You cannot expect something from a lower pricerange to be as good as something above it (or better!). Competition makes sure of that.

  12. Clare says:

    For all us ladies out there:-

    Which one is easier to find in your handbag?

    Which one is more simple to use? (ie when inebriated)

    Are either splash proof? (dropping down wc’s when in a similar state as the above)

    Does the iphone have a front camera?(You can use it as a mirror and put your lippy on)

    I’ve been reading the comments above and am astounded people can get so irate about technology. Very entertaining!

  13. natalie says:

    has anyone had a problem in not recieving the years free music from nokia.

    the reason i cant get it is as “the phone is not out yet”.

    blatent lie as i have the phone here in front of me

  14. ChewbaccasClingon says:

    I had this phone as an upgrade to my iphone arrive yesterday, i have had a good play with it and can confirm that it is much nicer to use, and more importantly has more accesible features. i was a bit worried as i loved my iphone, but i can honestly say my iphone will be on ebay shortly.

  15. sarah says:

    i am on this website on my nokia 5800 and to be honest i think thats its superb! I got it on a vodaphone contract for £20 per month. With unlimited texts, 200 mins and 3 months free sky tv and 1 months free internet on the handset. I simply love it. I-phone is also good i used to have it but no bluetooth and it was always going wrong. The nokia has so far not had 1 problem. Its so easy to use and much cheaper too. And its got 8gb memory! Just as gd as the i-phone. Everyone get this phone, its brill!

  16. siddhanth says:

    i will go with the iphone because u get updates from appe free and one more thig f u jailbreak it u can install playstation games and even games like super contra, Mario etc and all game boy games nes ,snes games ,

    on the other hand th price is stable

    unlike nokia whichhas a very high price and after a month it drops down by almost 50% and then you feel like what the hell and u have to sell for almost 25% of the price you paid so i mean ifyoupurchase it for 25000 and after a month the price for new 1 drops to 13000 so if you want to sell it u cant get more than 10000 so almost a big loss

  17. Jo says:

    I just got a Nokia 5800 as an upgrade too. Should I have got a years free music?

    I admit to not being a techy where phones are concerned.Still playing with mine but so far so good.

  18. Jimrod says:

    Well I’ve just been helping a colleague put music on her phone from the PC (after installing all of the Nokia software) – I put just over 1000 songs on, some from albums but the majority from a “top 1000 songs of the 80’s” folder. Now I can see most of you raving about the Nokia but this has pretty much killed the phone –

    It took 2 hours to put the music on, which is fine. When I went to play music on the phone it just had the pre-installed tunes?? Odd I thought, so we found the “Refresh” option… This locked the phone for around 20 mins so we fiddled, then it came back to life and said “28 files added” – awesome. Since then it’s still been in refresh mode – 1hr 30 mins so far…

    For all you that rave about the Symbian OS, this seems pretty sloppy to me. I’m a long time Sony-Ericsson user and never got on well with Nokia’s, recently got an iPhone and camera/iTunes tie-in issues aside it seems a far superior device – both in operating system/user interface and build/screen quality alike.

  19. buta says:

    im from the uk and the iphone is worth £400 and the nokia is worth £249 so nokia is cheaper and has alot of the features of the iphone not all but a majority and the iphone is the same against the nokia but all the iphone doesnt have bluetooth or forward msg’s unlike the nokia it can do alot more

  20. John says:

    I have just bought the 5800… NO FREE MUSIC! Apparently Comes With Music is only available on certain models and not the one calles 5800 Express Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very helpful, that bit in the review about unlimited free music. Thanks!

  21. I have just ordered the Nokia 5800 from the web.Got it on T-Mobile “Combi 15” 100mins talk time and 100 txts cross network plus Unlimited web+walk all for only £20 per month over an 18 month period.This has got to be the bargain of 2009 so far!What is all this outdated loyalty to the iphone?It’s had it’s day,time to get over it and move on.Technology waits for no-one.Sell your iphone while you can still get a decent price for it and invest in the way better 5800,its got the lot!

  22. Kish says:

    Got mine on upgrade earlier this week. The phone is truly amazing. The internet via wifi and 3.5G is very quick, the GPS and its features are excellent. There are a number of different applications, that I do actually use. The touchscreen is very responsive, the battery lasts for more than just one day, unlike the iphone and overall I’d recommend this phone for sure.

  23. sma11fry says:

    My daughter had to have the iphone, it was as cool as they come, but having hogged my 5800 all day, she is so jealous………….it does so much so much better. The pictures it takes are cracking. Music, why? what’s wrong with ripping your own cd’s? or a mates for that matter. Too much crap out there.

  24. Rich says:

    That seemed a pretty biased review if you ask me. What they don’t mention putting all the specs aside is that the iphone still hasn’t been beaten on its user interface. Which is surely the point of a touch screen phone. Every other touch screen phone I’ve used has come nowhere near and it’s even more of a pleasure to go back to the iphone afterwards. Effortless in fact. Everything works smoothly and the lightest of touches works on the menus where with other phones you need to really push which I find hard work. They just seem more sluggish and laggy. Might just be me though. If all these other phones are so good why does the ipohne still sell tremendously well? Simple – it all works very well and is simple to use. Not without its faults but most people that try one in the shop will buy one. It just ‘feels’ good to use. No other manufacturer has yet come close to this in my opinion. But that’s just my opinion of course.

  25. Mario says:

    I am a apple fan (3 ipods and 2 macbooks pro owner) but I refuse to buy a IPhone as everybody has one because its a cool thing to have.

    I have ordered a Nokia 5800 and the 3 reasons I did that is:

    1. Cost (as I need to change contracts and PUK ,etc)
    2. Camera and video capability.
    3. There are more iphones around than you just become part of a fashion statement.

    I Have played with the iPhone and it is a nice phone indeed. The best in the market? Best for who? Young people , business people , geeks and so on?

    Everybody have different tastes and abusing the author of this article just because you love your iPhone is not fair.

    Will the Nokia be better? For me yes it will be. For other people no.

    Once I get the phone and play with it , I will try and update this site. I am not expecting a iPhone killer but having the same phone with everybody is a bit boring.

    PS Everybody having an iPhone is a good sign as well. As well Michael there are so many SIM deals with unlimited internet and thats is not related to iPhone at all. So you can not say that is a plus for the phone. If you remove your sim card and plug it in any other phone you will still get unlimited internet access.

  26. Mandy says:

    I am looking at getting at 5800 does anyone have any comments about the email functionality? is it any good, I was looking at the Blackberry Storm but hearing not good things about it so looking at other options.

  27. jason says:

    i just want to chime in as a new user of the 5800, its excellent, it is simply excellent, the battery (for me at least) is doing very well, its gone halfway down in two and half days which is great.

    the proximity sensor is brilliant and a huge advantage for power saving as it turns all lighting off when phone is next to ear and back on when its not. i dont know if iphone has this, does it??

    as far as apps go, well symbian is huge and although alot of apps are a bit buggy and dont work the majority do work and thats a damn lot.

    i have had the iphone in hand but not used it much at all but i did get a chance to observe screen quality and the nokia is better, in direct sunlight tho im not sure.

    the design of the phones is very equal in quality however i like the sleek look of the nokia alot along withe the clever design such as the hidden stylus and simple things like the usb slot being covered up to prevent dirt getting in, the nokia just seems well thought out, very nice. memory cards anybody, something apple might never incorporate in iphones.

    the nokia UI is pretty good but can be a little fiddly, iphone is a little better here but i should point out the touch sensitivity and response is brilliant on both. no problems with either for me.

    i am sounding a little like a nokia fanboy here and let me be the first to say…i am, who wouldnt be a fan of this phone at this price with these specs, apps and touch screen. i like the iphone, but the nokia offers more value for money and lets face it guys if both were the same price then it would be a bit closer but considering the nokia is alot cheaper its a no brainer win for nokia.

    this dont mean it will succeed, everybody knows the iphone will always be more popular but dont be fooled by the ipod hype guys nokia has a top competing handset here much cheaper.

    a small word on the camera’s, both are a little poor compared to lots of upcoming megapixel monsters but if you ask me the camera is just a small extra that not many people use anymore, its lost its appeal a little and nokia and apple have done the right thing in concentrating on more important things in a phone. however, just for those that want to know the nokia beats iphone all day long here.

    overall as you may have guessed the nokia is the winner for me, i will admit i have not spent long with the apple at all and upon more usage i may like it more however i saw enough to confirm whats good at what.

  28. Rich says:

    Oh I don’t have a clue eh Matt? Oh right. Well every Nokia I’ve ever used (whether owned by me or someone else’s) has never come close to the iphone. I’ve used the 5800 for about 30 mins in a shop and came away unimpressed. You stick with it mate if you like it. Some people’s expectations are higher than others but that’s not a crime. We’re all different. Some of us just like a bit of class. Enjoy it.

  29. Rich says:

    Right Jon. So your main reason for picking a 5800 over an iphone is so that you can use it with gloves on…what’s your mental age if you don’t mind me asking?
    That’s like picking a Nissan over a Ferrari because it has a better radio in it. I would say most people for most of the time don’t use their phones with their gloves on. Although as you’re clearly in a strait-jacket maybe a hands-free phone would be your best option?

  30. jason says:

    rich…why are you trying to defend the iphone so strongly, you say you like a bit of class but whats classy about the iphone exactly, its hardly rare and ipod’s, iphones and nearly all apple hardware is becoming so boring, because apple’s hardware is so popular its simply not exciting anymore.

    the 5800 does everything the iphone does and more, whats more its cheaper, just as good looking and well designed. in fact id say better design but thats me, in fact the nokia is fresh and new from nokia, making it cooler and classier to own, the iphone is just an iphone, it would be nice if they changed it about a bit but typical apple sticks to one design, and one setup, its boring, old and no doubt the next iphone will also be JUST like the current one. i mean look at the ipods!! all are the same with such small changes that its becoming uncool to own one.

    dont be offended by me rich but your just talking like a typical iphone/ipod user. you have not got a clue what your talking about because you just follow the ipod cult and dont realise theres better products out there your missing out on.

  31. David says:

    Ur right jason, i just got the 5800 and its unbelievably cool, my m8ts r so jealous, one actualy is sellin his ifone 2 get the 5800! cant wait till they bring a new 1 out! lol! ive always had sony ericsson, was gona get the c905 for the practical side as i work in a kitchen, but 5800 is just as practical as any fone ive had! ifone is so borin, and battery is shit, my mate has 2 carry his charger every where he goes!! 5800 rules man!!!!! Rich, u gotta lossen up!!!! Get ursel a 5800!!!! :):):)

  32. Rich says:

    Jason, Jon. I respect your opinions. You like what you like, I like what I like. I don’t think every Apple product is brilliant. I’m not an Apple fan-boy blindly praising every product they release by any means. I vote with my feet when buying anything by trying it out as best I can before buying. I did this with the iphone and bought it based on that. I’ve just found the iphone to be a great piece of kit that suits my needs perfectly – it certainly has it flaws though. I have 5 months left on my contract. I’ll be trying a few phones inbetween. I’ll consider trying the 5800 again amongst others, but there will no doubt be something else of interest by then. I’ve just had bad experiences with Nokia before, locking up, buggy etc. That’s never happened with my iphone (although I’ve heard people say that occurrs obviously) and that’s important to me. Each to their own is the mantra that needs to be observed here.

  33. Rich says:

    Also, I cut my fingernails very short. That 5800 seems to rely on using your nails a lot as fingertips don’t seem to work. Plus very small icons are hard to hit sometimes. It just seems to be bolted-on to me, not designed from the ground up as the iphone was. As for getting the stylus or plectrum out, that just seems counter-intuitive to me. It’s nice just to bring your phone out and do what you need to do quicky, rather than fumbling about for a stylus or (largely useless) plectrum. I’m far to busy to comment any more on this forum you chaps, so just be happy with what you have. You’ll need to get expert advice elsewhere I’m afraid, I’ve things to do – downloading more exciting apps etc. GO IPHONE GO!!! (oh no, the fanboy in me has escaped again!!! We’re all doomed!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!) Bye.

  34. Jimrod says:

    Rich – It sounds to me like you’re trying to compete with a bunch of Nokia Fanboys rather than the other way round!

    I have a iPhone because I liked the way it looks and works as much as anything, it’s the only apple product I have.

    I have played with my colleague’s 5800 and while it does do a few things better than the iPhone, the iPhone also beats it in other areas – those saying about the camera being better can easily have the same argument put to them from some Sony users. If I wanted a camera I would have bought a camera.

    The thing which is really bugging me with this forum is people like “Matt” saying the 5800 is better than the iPhone in every way… Sorry but that’s just crap – do you guys work for Nokia or what?? The iPhone IS better looking, IS better built and DOES have a better interface. The 5800 seems like cheap plasticky crap in comparison and in the 30 mins I had with it locked up twice, the second time was for 2.5 hours so I lost interest.

    To say my opinion is “just my opinion” is true but it’s shared by the majority, not a minority of Nokia Fanboys. You can’t say everyone has an iPhone to be trendy as apple computers have been trendy for ages but I don’t know anyone who’s gone and bought anything other than a laptop from them. When they do it’s simply because they work better than the competition.

  35. Sophie says:

    I have just ordered the nokia 5800 on a carphone warehouse deal of £15 a month with unlimited texts.
    i did my research and compared it with other phones and it came out top almost every time.
    i looked at a video from the times saying that it is very easy to use. it is apparantly the loudest phone with surround sound? how can you have surround sound in a phone i dont not know. anyway i love the idea of the hand writing so i do not have to touch every letter . other people have been saying they love it or they hate it . bit like marmite . but i cant wait till it comes. i will tell you what i think of it when i get it =]

  36. jason says:

    i respect all your opinions anyway, no im not a nokia fanboy, in fact i would usually pick samsung phones over nokia all day long.

    the only reason i am defending the 5800 is because its cheaper and superior. yes the iphone has a nice interface and yes its a nice phone, and yes the iphone is multi touch and the 5800 isnt.

    BUT… the screen technology is actually more intuitive on the nokia, you see the nokia uses a resistive touch screen meaning it can use styluses if you prefer the accuracy and you can use gloves or pens or anything you like. the iphone uses a capacitive screen which means objects cannot be used as it senses energy from the body to be used, this may not be a big deal for some but id bet my last quid that a 5800 user will wip out the stylus and bang a txt out quicker than an iphone user with chubby fingers, you see if you have chunky hands then the stylus is a godsend for any touch screen users. not only that but the stylus can be neatly tucked inside the phone, making it a convienience rather than a dangling pain in the ass.

    capacitive screens CAN be better, they usually offer better clarity but because the iphone uses less pixels than the 5800 it is not as sharp and as clarified as the nokia screen. its a shame apple kept the pixel count down because if the pixels were on par with the 5800 then it should have been a better quality screen. you see the 5800 has got the best of both worlds here, its clearer than the iphone and you can use objects if desired to get increased accuracy.

    you see i may be nitpicking here, yes its all about your opinion and its your opinion only that counts but were here to discuss these two phones and why we think one is better than the other so lets do that.

    i simply think the nokia is better because its cheaper, offers more, its got a better screen ( although if the next iphone bumps the pixel count up then it will be a beast im sure ) its not as solid as the iphone but it will resist backside scratches alot better. you see im not a nokia fan, its just when you look at the spec sheets and price the nokia is simply a better phone.

    rich…i respect your opinion and im glad your enjoying the iphone, along with many others, but in the end its a phone and mobile phones are here to give us a way to communicate with people, the nokia is a better mobile phone. it enables video calling, the iphone does not, it offers multimedia messaging, the iphone does not, it offers UPnP wi-fi rather than the iphone standard wi-fi ( this is a bigger deal than you may think ), All im saying is as a mobile phone the nokia offers more ways to communicate with others.

    dont let me sway your decisions anyway guys, i love the nokia and the iphone im sure is a top top phone, take a look at some specs tho to see if its really worth more money, http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone2=2537&idPhone1=2424

    oh one more thing as far as APPS go…you havnt seen the symbian line up rich!

  37. Rich says:

    Jason, as always you’ve been very polite and make some very good points. Perhaps I am a little biased to the iphone but don’t mean to be. I look at everything in life objectively (or at least try to). As I say, I’ll be trying the 5800 again when I next go to the phone shop and will take on board yours and other peoples comments. I must apologise for the occasional rant on these pages. I’m not happy at being called a fan boy when I’m not. A good product is a good product no matter who makes it. To all those with 5800’s and iphones and any other phones I say be happy and enjoy them. As you rightly point out Jason, they’re here to make life easier and to communicate. That’s gotta be good for all of us. Don’t start me on itunes!……

  38. jason says:

    hey rich no worries man, i like a bit of a rant now and then, like i say were here for a debate and its fun to argue amongst ourselves, but yeh give the 5800 another go it has some really good functions for the price, and try and audition an updated one if you can, firmware updates deffinately solve earlier problems.

    hey thats one thing apple have got going for them is itunes…im not arguing with that one lol

  39. munah says:

    i’ve been waiting for new nokia 5800 coming soon with 24 contact cz its free with pay every month is 11pounds which let me texts a lots like unlimted. its better than iphone………iphone have no forward messenge………nokia got everything which iphone havent…im so exciting that im gonna have it a nokia 5800.

  40. andy says:

    I’ve just read that Comes With Music will be available on this shortly in some countries, e.g. Singapore, Australia. Has anyone heard when it might appear in UK?

  41. i got a faulty nokia 5800,had 2 charge every 3 hours so then i got the iphone,now ive noticed the screen is comming away.miss the 5800 but my mate was showing me her vid on phoone of her dog an i though ive not got that.then she saw my screen saver on my sony w850i an bluetoothed over.ive also had an now about to give away the inq by 3.
    you get what you pay 4 and more with the 5800.its cool and u get psp an 4 games at carphone till tommorow

  42. Aimz says:

    i’m confused! I’m going to look at the 5800, as my iPhone has just smashed. Does anyone know how to get music on to the 5800? It was easy with iTunes…what software does the Nokia use?

  43. H says:

    Can this phone record calls. Are their audible beeps while recording?

    Does anyone know of any good software for this phone which can recoard calls without the beeps like Total Recall or Libe PVR for S60 V3

  44. Opus says:

    Hmmmm…so yet “another” challenger to the iPhone mantle! What happened to the Blackberry’s Storm?!! By the way, to the reviewer, the iPhone CAN send MMS messages! I use this application a lot and its downloaded free from iTunes store! having spent years buying, exchanging, swopping, trying out mobile phones of every make and description i search of the “perfect” all-round handset. After much thought and high recommendation, eventually decided to opt for the 2G iPhone. I did this expecting to sell the phone (as was the norm for me) withina month or so of useage! I was proven wrong. Buying the iPhone was the best decision I ever made – it’s the first handset I absolutely love. If I were to replace it, it would only be with another iphone. Pound for pound, the iPhone is in a class of its own from the features, spec, functionality everything. Ok so it hasn’t got a high MP camera lens. But so what?! Most of the pictures I’ve taken with the camera have been far better than these so-called 5MP camera phones! A phone is a phone and a camera a camera. Battery life? This is a non-issue, any phone with such high spec and features will need charging every day or so – period! For all those iPhone doubters and knockers, unless you’ve owned one you’ll not truly appreciate the phones capability and functionality. Its all about style over substance. For instance, a “basic” spec Mercedes will still cost more than a “fully loaded” Ford motor! Put it this way, the value of a second hand 2G iPhone is more than Nokia’s latest 5800. It would be nice if all this “iPhone challenger” hype would stop. C’mon guys, stop all this rivalry talk, produce a handset for what it does rather than trying to upstage the iPhone. The only phone that can truly challenge the iPhone is another iPhone!

  45. Rich be quiet if your such a big a big fan of of the iphone go on their website. And don’t you dare have a go at anybody else because of your silly little opinions.

  46. BobMatHarvey says:

    Oh look, someone get’s multiple accounts and is a retard who has no valid point yet backs it up with his own opinion – I’m not Rich by the way, just someone who thinks Bob/Matt/Harvey is a cock – all three share the same trait of not even capitalising their own names too ;p

  47. Jimrod says:

    That’s very informative Lewis, it’s the current trend to write in lower case BTW.

    Rashad – the 5800 is pretty loud, louder than the iPhone and most other similar sized phones I’ve heard.

  48. anthony says:

    I have the N95 at the moment and its brilliant, all nokias ive ever had are amazing and i keep them just in case and they all still work, so im tempted by the 5800, seeing as it has touch screen rather than heat sensative. the nokia i have noticed also runs smoother, the iphone is just a fashion item not a phone for everyday use, well at least compared to the nokia

  49. Nutter says:

    I got my Nokia 5800 after plenty of research and I more than happy with it!

    The speed of internet, plus wifi makes it a smart phone indeed!

    Only have 2 gripes really – Gripe 1 is the phone itself can look slightly chunky when compared to other touch screen phones such as Samsung F480. Gripe 2 is how quickly the screen can scratch or get dirty so I have ordered a screen protector specifically for the phone! Personally I think the actual phone should come with this as I didnt want to use the case provided!

  50. Ordered a storm and sent it back as found it impossible to type with one hand and too heavy.

    Just ordered a 5800 to replace it after actually going into a few stores and looking at LG renoir / apple iphone 3g / htc touch hd and 5800.

    Normally get more computer like phones for email and apps like htc touch or blackberry but i have to say i was blown away by 5800. Here’s why:

    a. It’s great as a phone
    b. small screen has such good quality that it feels / looks like larger screens
    c. light and nice to hold
    d. does everything i need and more and finally……. here’s the thing that sold it for me
    e. watched the batman begins clip that is on the phones as a demo and it was outstanding for quality of resolution and sound. Just go into any store and ask them to play it and you will buy this phone if you react like me. You really could (if u are a bit sad) watch a movie on this phone

  51. James says:

    My mum is changing the contracts on our familys phones and with all the points shes got she could get a nokia 5800 and she is happy with the phone shes got, so she could give it to me. I was wondering if it is a good choice ( Im 14 ), i just want a phone where its got quite a good battery life and i can put on all my music (CDs and limewire). Please write back quick!!!

  52. chris says:

    Had a look at the 5800 on nokia’s web site and various other review sites before buying one, all of which said that the phone comes with “comes with music”. When the phone arrived there was no mention of the “comes with music”, the nokia website has now changed and says nothing about this feature being included with the phone, and I’ve basically been called a liar on the phone to Nokia and they say that it was never included with the phone and the website never stated that it did. Is it just me that feels ripped off or are there any others out there feeling the same?

  53. taylor says:

    my boyfriend got me the nokia 5800 and i love it i think its great, i cant compare it to the iphone as i have never used one but heard thats its far better by alot of people, i have never had a phone for longer than 6months b4 i change it because there were crap bt this one i am sure that i will have for longer than that very happy 🙂

  54. Phil says:

    Hi, first time posting here. Loved reading all the ranting going on, very entertaining.
    Just ordered a 5800, went to get a pac code from 3 and they offered me almost every phone and package they could offer to keep me but not one of them came close to a £15 p/m 100min 3000 text deal with a phone this good.
    I suspect this will be the main reason for the success of this phone.
    Soooo looking forward to receiving this in the post tmrw.
    And rj – being able to put whole movies on this phone to watch was one of the major reasons for this choice (I spend lots of time hanging around waiting for my kids clubs to finish!!)

  55. treefinger§ says:

    hiya well now what a lot of comments!!!
    well now i have both one for work and one for me, well the iphone is for work (free contract) but i have the 5800 for my own use as i do find it to be more reliable on the whole, i dont work for nokia or apple, i am an audio engineer and my word the audio quality on te 5800 is superior to almost every other phone i have ever had, with stereo spread and even mono settings, i can check audio quality of many different kinds of music. there are so niggles with the 5800 but more with the iphone. video camera is very good and has a good audio recording quality too, the camera has issues but with a few setting tweaks, the quality can be very good. yes on contract i have had to put my own sd card in the phone BUT this is a better option for me personally as i have different sd card for different music styles/ video etc. so see if you can test them for a couple of days, and make up your own mind, however i have seen a couple of iphones cracked, and broken etc, and here in the uk your yalking about an £800 contract locked phone, but the 5800 much cheaper so make up your own mind. cheers treefingers

  56. Will i am says:

    Having owned the 5800 for a couple of weeks now, and once being a fan of the i phone.
    There is a couple of things about the 5800 that are better.
    I can connect to any pc and add songs/videos esp in media player. Itunes you are stuck with one pc, which doesn’t help if you break a laptop (like I did).
    You can connect to WLAN immediately and watch live streams(unable to do with iphone) using java.

  57. plexi says:

    I’m looking at getting the Nokia 5800 but I’ll probably wait for the Nokia N97. I currently have a Nokia N81, and I was amused when the iPhone first came out that the Nokia N81 beat it in every single technical spec – more memory, faster WLAN access, longer battery time, polyphonic ringtones, video camera, more apps… Nokia’s shortfall is that they can’t PR their phones as well as Apple. Sure, the iPhone looks much much sexier than any Nokia, but I don’t need a sexy phone to feel good about myself – I just want one which does the job at a decent price. Every iPhone-owner I know (about 8-9 people) regrets getting one, because most of them have broken within 8 months and all the owners in the UK got tied into an expensive 18-month contract with O2. If you don’t care about the phone looking sexy, then all Nokia N-series phones for the last couple of years have been better than the iPhone.

  58. Mandy says:

    We are considering buying a 5800 but need to use it for Secure Work emails, but have realised that Nokia have disabled the secure password functionality for the 5800, there are applications you can buy to add the funtionality back in but wondered if anyone has any experience of using any of these apps or any issues with Secure email, cheers

  59. Ranjeeta (Malaysia) says:

    The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is just the coolest phone ever. I am so glad I got that instead of the N 96 and the iPhone…all thanks to my husband for suggesting and buying it for me 🙂

    No regret guys. Its stylish, user friendly, the “bestest” speakers ever on a phone, great applications, superb resolution, amazing camera and a wonderfully afordable price. I love the touch screen and text messaging is great is it gives you an option of what mode you want to use, whether its the alphanumeric keyboar, or full or mini QWERTY or even your own handwriting! Amazing!

    It doesnt hang or lag, fast in opening its application, great connectivity and good options too and the battery life is also good. It’s also a feel good phone and I am HAPPY I own one and just loveee it!! Way to go NOKIA ~XX

  60. ashish says:

    Nokia 5800 is a bundle of technology which lead to nowhere. It has the entire sci-fi feature which collapse now and then. The phone support is pathetic. The software symbian60 v5 is not fit for the instrument and if you happen to use the phone for use other than the basic talking / music you will surely get lost. My instrument got locked after uploading firmware from Nokia. A new instrument was given which again does not connect to computer and is of no use. Since its launch in Jan 09 in India, the handset is with the repair team for more than 2 months and they are helpless as the problems do not get resolved and a replacement of handset is the only solution. If the phone is out of warranty, you will be out of luck. Even if i get my new handset I am sure this instrument will not last more than 1 yrs. The prices have reduced by 5K bucks since its official launch in India. No doubt the company has realized that there are no takers for a crap box which does not works. The instrument will surely be withdrawn from market in less than a yr. time. If you have made up your mind to get this instrument, I suggest to add few more bucks and invest in a established instrument and not in Flicker model. I know, Nokia is a trustworthy name but there are always errors from even the best and 5800 is one such example of blunder. Instead go for touch screen from Samsung / HTC / Sony which may have lesser feature and higher price but still work as desired.

  61. Clare says:

    I have had the Nokia 5800 for 2 months..

    For the ladies: I can find it easily in my handbag 🙂 and have dropped it about 10 times with no damage to it. I have spilled a glass of wine and it didnt affect the phone at all. Im a total KLUTZ and it has withstood all of the accidents I have in my normal day!
    My stereo in the car broke so I have been using the phone instead and it sounds almost as good as the stereo. It is easy to download music onto via the USB and if you go on MOSH (nokia site) you can download games and ringtones for free.
    I love the contacts bar facility as you can see all correspondence between you a 4 people very easily. I tend to use the standard text input on the phone but the handwriting and mini keyboard is just as easy to use. I have used the GPS facility to find where I am and nearest shops etc so thats a fab bonus. The Camera is actually really good and you can take up close photos without it blurring. Web pages look great on the screen. Also I downloaded GUITAR HERO onto it and thats bloody fun to play with the guitar thingy that comes with the phone.
    I love this phone and it looks pretty cool – my Dad always gets my cast off phones so he cant wait to get this one and play dire straits at top volume whilst dad dancing 🙁

  62. Andy says:

    I have recently purchased the 5800 on a 18 month contract with Orange for £25.00 and boy am I impressed with the phone its great for playing mpeg 4 videos and with a 8 gig micro sd card coming with the phone you can fit a lot of music and films onto it .The quality of the videos are brilliant and easily watched any where all you need is a freeware AVI to meg4 converter and drag n drop on to your attached phone .I cant enter the iphone v 5800 argument as I haven’t used an iphone but the 5800 gets 10/10 from me for ease of use built quality and value for money

  63. jthess says:

    Skype application for iPhone has been announced


    And Nokia was supposed to have made a “strategic” partnership with Skype just less than 6 months ago.

    In my oppinion, this counts VERY much and gives a BIG advantage to the iPhone. Just imagine, iPhone users now have an application which allows them to make international phonecalls from anywhere in the world (that they can find WiFi connection) and pay next to nothing for it!!! And if they have a friend that also has an iPhone with Skype, they pay NOTHING!!!!

    This alone would make me deside to buy the iPhone (if I hadn´t bought the 5800 already…) since I make international phonecalls often and using the computer is not always practical.

  64. mjaeger says:

    The Kinda Egg Phone: The only main difference i can see over these ‘rivals’ is how they feel in the hand, the iphone for all it is, feels solid and well built, the 5800 does not! it looks and feels like something free you would get out of a childs kinda egg! (very, very cheap and plasticky) they both have a vast range of app’s, decent music stores, and ok battery life, the iphone costs more of course, but what do you expect from apple!

  65. todd says:

    im in australia and only gpt the 5800 about a week ago,

    looked at most of the touch phones out there and fond 5800 is best on price opperating system, battery life feature and the aability to send mms make vids and it has wifi.

    feels much better sitting in palm of your hand as it is a bit slimmer and the handwriting function is fantastic and quick.( cant fault feeling cheaper than an iphone)

    the free music offer over here is at 18 months and fantastic compared to apples anser in itunes which i have always haed the design of.

  66. Ranjeeta (Malaysia) says:

    hi srik,

    I am currently using the Nokia 5800 which is a brilliant phone and I have installed the GPS which is supported in my country and it has the voice assistance that you asked about. Nokia 5800 definitely supports this software and all you have to do is get it installed from your local network provider. It comes with the “Maps” programme which you will see in your phone menu but my local provider told me that I will have to pay for the services each time I use it. The GPS that I installed is detactable via satellite and thus it is free. I only pay a one off installation charge which cost me next to nothing. All the best.

  67. Nörde says:


    With Skype you talk only to other Skype, I don’t see any reason not to use fring with Nokia phones and talk to skype, google talk, SIP etc. all from one application.

    It’s available for iPhone even…


    So I don’t see any benefit to iPhone with it’s skype

  68. todd says:

    i has the voice guided nav software in tere but it needs activating

    without activating it you can only get written directions

    now been about 3 weeks and still love it

  69. Prka says:

    I haven’t read all of the comments posted before mine, so I may end up repeating something already said, sorry about that. I have bought the 5800 a few days ago and so far I’m amazed with it’s functions and applications. I do not have first hand knowledge of the iPhone but some of my friends have it and they are all very disappointed by it, if nothing else, it should be MUCH better then the Nokia considering the major difference in their prices. I don’t know what are the prices in other countries, but here (Croatia) Nokia is less then half the iPhone price, Nokia 3000 kn and iPod 7000 kn (kn=kunas, our currency, 1 euro is about 7,2 kn). And I’m stating the prices if you buy just the device with no contracts. So in my opinion, if anyone is wondering which to go for, my vote is a big thumbs up for Nokia and a slight thumbs down for the iPhone, but that’s just me.

  70. neil says:

    quick comment, i have recently been upgraded to the nokia 5800 for free with vodafone uk, having previously had the nokia n95 for 18 months which was flawless except the battery life towards the end but thats normal. I have to say im very impressed with the 5800, functions, quality, design, everything! A couple of friends HAD iphones but they said it was rubbish. Nokia have been making phones for years they know best.

  71. Rab says:

    Ive used both of these phones and I have to say the iphone is much slicker and more fun than the 5800 to use. People that are bored of the iphone musnt be loading up any good apps. If you cant get away with itunes then I can see why people would go for the nokia otherwise its a non starter.

  72. Sam says:

    I’ve used both of the Iphone 3G and the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and I must say, that if you have both of them without doing any illegal activity on it, (jailbreaking) the Nokia 5800 will smash the Iphone with a giant hammer, yet if you use jailbreaking the Iphone will have more applications and they’re fun to use, taking in consideration the price of an Iphone and the Nokia 5800.
    And as the name says “XpressMusic”, the nokia works as an music player better than the Iphone as it has 2 speakers, but if you’re using the headphones they’ll sound the same.
    and also, the 5800 has the multi-touch support (As there is a video on the 5800 that shows you how to use the screen and it says that you can use both thumbs when you’re typing)

  73. louie says:

    hey.i can say nokia 5800 is better than the iphone.well,that’s my opinion.i have one and it works great.it even has a lot of applications and games free over the net.although i’m a big fan of apple and iphone,i tried it and it’s better as a music player then a phone really.i guess it’s just living it’s name as an ipod with a few features of a phone.not much of a difference between the two,it just depends on the user.:]

  74. mattoz says:

    is it true that the iphone is very selective and conservative with the bluetooth devices you can pair with it, generic devices like theblue ant btooth hands free kits arnt easily pairedwith the i phone

  75. jake says:

    I’m a mac user, does anyone know how useable the 5800 is with isync? also, will it work with my ipod ready car stereo?
    I’m sure the nokia is a much better phone, but which way to go ???

  76. Giles says:

    i have orderd the nokia 5800 and i have heard that the battery life is not very sufficent also the iphone has apps that u can downlad and the nokia does not have apps also the iphone is good for evrything but to be honest the nokia is mainly fo music but it has still managed to compete with the top phones please somone reply to my battery question because i would like to know how good the batery is and can u get a better battery 4 the phone thanks

  77. Sam says:

    I have just purchased the Nokia 5800 for my wife and I, so far we are extremely happy with both, easy to use and a very smooth interface. Touch screen works a treat, I have been downloading apps all weekend and all work well, enjoying Google Maps at the moment…. Audio is excellent although the camera is not as good as the N96 (5MP). Battery life is dissapointing when using GPS for a while however that can be expected as its a phone first and GPS device second. I have friends who have the iPhone, I am impressed with both the iPhone and the 5800, we purchased ours simply because of size however.

  78. Sam says:

    Att Giles – google “nokia 5800 free apps” and you will find plenty to play with, not as comprehensive as the iPhone but sufficient for the everyday user.

  79. Danny says:

    Going against what Micheal (at the top of the comments list) said, the iphone is still priced at roughly 200 – 250 in most areas, the nokia is hitting around 90 – 120. I would love an iphone myself but the pricing system is ridiculous in my opinion and i think Apple are being extremely greedy when it comes to money. They sold millions of IPods, i even have one and yet they still need to price the phone that high. I could count on them making twice as much money as they have if they sold at £150.00 ish

  80. Billy says:

    Hi all

    Been reading the comments, which are very amusing: a couple of stupid trolls here, and a couple of comments without backing there.

    From a purely non-spec point of view, my parents recently got me one of these phones on a contract, and so far it is excellent at doing its job: the speakers are more powerful than the ones I’ve got on my laptop; the touch screen is fantasitc – the iphone ones you can’t use a stylus and it feels clumsy; the vibrate function, gimmicky as it is, is pretty damned fun. Finally, unlike any portable apple products I’ve come across, it accepts micro-SD cards. Sounds trivial, but it means I can effectively constantly upgrade my memory once the SD card becomes cheap enough – bye bye constantly buying new Ipods.

    However it does come with a problem or two (at least mine does). When I try to access ebuddy or similar it decides to tell me that there’s an error – “a temporary server problem”. The internet browsing layout takes a bit to get used to; perhaps they could have fitted more buttons onto what space they’re using already, as the stylus could certaintly cope with it.

    Looking good though, certaintly glad that I bought it.

  81. Pretty Dhebs says:

    I bought Nokia 5800, im sure you’ll love it coz i love it so much. It is more powerful than Apple iPhone, believe me. It’s a great phone. I am satisfied in buying these phone (5800). iPhone lacks of many features, like MMS, Video Calling, Flash on Cam, iPhone 2mp while 5800 has 3.2mp. it has 81mb + 8 or 16GB of Mini SD Card, while apple has built in 8 or 16GB no 81mb like in 5800, GPS is important, very fast wifi browser, and many more… Don’t hesitate to buy this phone. for more questions, email me at dhebs08@yahoo.com.ph

  82. Andy says:

    Nokia phones now have so much going for them, you have ovi store, ovi suite (much better and sleaker than pc suite), easy music transfer using ovi suite, music store, maps 3.0 beta (now works with 5800, and its much better than maps 2.0), now you can plan your travel routes on your computer and transfer to your mobile. Apps in the store are growing weekly. Audio much better in music playback and in calls. For me 5800 is much easier to use and set up than older S60 devices, email really easy to setup just enter your user name and password and its ready. For me personnally the 5800 is better than a iphone as it does everything I could possibly want it to do and surprised me when I recieved it a few weeks ago and have not been able to put down since. I even use it in the car to play music via bluetooth stereo to my car audio setup. Just because the 5800 is cheaper it does not mean it is in any way inferior thats just how its been priced due to I guess Nokia’s massive manufacturing capabilities. As the 5800 is lighter it is less likly to get damaged if dropped (within reason of course). Also another point I have found is that the 5800 is in fact smaller by volume than the iphone that means it takes up less space in ladies handbags or someones pocket.
    Current Software much better then first released handsets.

  83. comnut says:

    what they dont mention is that Iphone cannot transfer files by bluetooth.. headset use only..

    also cannot remove battery, no plugin memory card..

    If you are having problems about migration to 5800, it has file transfer / switch app. that will send app. to olsd phone, to help.. 🙂

  84. lorna says:

    so guys and gals… after reading some not all the reviews bcoz there are lots lol… which phone shouldd i get the nokia ir the iphone? i know theres a new one just come out (uk) im not botherd about price (no contract) i have had bad experinces with nokia’s i have one at the moment nokia 6500 slide (18 contract) runs out in aug mind my language its shit!! so verey unsure with the a nokia again. so if you would not mind telling me which one is better or even another model! thanks xx

  85. kool boy says:


  86. Bucky Funt says:

    “Nokia 5800 has the new handwriting feature, similar to the palm computers. I haven’t tried it myself…”

    Oh great, nice review there sport!

    “The new Nokia also has a plectrum.”

    No it has a stylus. Plectrums are used for playing guitars you knuckle-head.

  87. Rob says:

    I think this review is slightly biased towards the nokia 5800, which is probably why there is a few reviewers basically venting their anger because they love the iphone. I’m getting the nokia 5800 in a few days time and I’m looking forward to it. I’m getting it because it is a bit of a change from the iphone + theres an awesome contract on 3, which gives unlimited texts, unlimited 3-to-3 calls, obviously free skype-to-skype calls, free internet and 200 cross network mins for £20…bargain

  88. Ber says:

    To put music on the Nokia 5800, plug in the usb and select the ‘mass storage’ option…open the phone folder that pops up on your pc, select ‘sound’, and drag all your mp3s into the ‘digital’ folder and presto..play your music with the mp3 player

  89. Al says:

    What a terrible review.. . no in depth review of features just a hitlist of items which can be found of the side of the box…

    you havent compared the sound / speed of applications / how well does it compare when actually using it for more than 5 minutes.

  90. tom says:

    H, does the 5800 have an adapter so it can be used in the car. I use one currently with my ipod, that goes in the cigarette lighter and you tune it in to the radio

  91. Hi, does the 5800 have an adapter that allows you to play music through it via the car stereo? I use one currently with my ipod that plugs in to the cigarette lighter and you tune it in to a frequency. any ideas? Ta

  92. Dave says:

    I understand there are 5800 fns out there and also i-phone fans, all I know is that i wished I would hae waiteed a little while before getting my 5800. I have had nothing but trouble with this phone, it has been back for repair 3 times now within the space of 6 weeks. The radio function works only when it wants to, the bbc-i player has been reinstalled so many times because it won’t work, the phone itself freezes up so i have to restart the thing by removal of the battery, the power button has failed twice, bluetooth failed, the touchscreen was faulty and also other trivial things stopped working too.
    My wife and 2 kids have the 5800 too and each one has had to be returned for repairs and software to be re-flashed.
    In hind-sight i wished I’d have waited for the i-phone, but that too has become as common as muck and when i see 12 and 13 yearolds with them it makes me not want one.
    Would I reccomend the 5800 to anyone? definitely NOT. As i am typnig this now i am waiting for a replacement, and when that goes down, I can change the phone to something which hopefully will work, so I’m going back to a proper brand of phone, a good old sony ericsson.

  93. Andrew says:

    Nokia 5800 is better than apple iphone.i phone is very expansive and useless device.if u not agree my post,u buy nokia 5800 xpressmusic.And than update v40.U may see between nokia 5800 and iphone.iphone need computer when u use jailbrake and other.nokia 5800 is no need computer.u can easily go to internet and download app.ready to install app.Because nokia 5800 is really pocket PC.

  94. Sam call 0863201266 says:

    the nokia 5800 simply is the best. The volume on the 5800 goes so lous and the iphones volume is shitty. I live in ireland and it is a best seller on all networks. Love the 5800. No comparison to that shitty old block known as the ‘iphone’

  95. nannu hauque india says:

     i think that nokia 5800 is better than iphone because its looks very beauty and its music technologies touch my heart.

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