Apple Inc Stock position: iPhone sales soar

We take a look at Apple Inc position in the stock market, with the creation of the iPhone the irresistible smartphone with its simple operating system and user interface this phone has well and truly fired up the handset world, with the addition of the iPhone 3G the smartphone that’s competitive price edge and push email function it’s helped Apple’s iPhone become even more desirable to the consumer.

Apples worldwide smartphone market share decreased in Q2 ’08 to only having a 2.8 percent share after in Q1 ’08 having a 5.3 percent of the smartphone market, this is due to Nokia, RIMM, Samsung and Motorola all raising their game in the smartphone market, although with the launch of the iPhone 3G earlier this year should help increase Apple’s share in the second half of 2008.

Stocks at a glance, on October 2, stocks were below $100, which is a huge decrease from the value in August ’08 at $180, the chart looks pretty scary, if you have been looking to buy a slice of the Apple this could be your chance.

Source: seekingalpha

Image: finance.yahoo.com

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