Can the Nokia 5800 beat the iPhone? 5 reason why not

With Nokia’s Xpress Tube coming out the chances are it won’t stand up to the might of the Apple iPhone and will end up just another music smartphone much like all the rest. Why? Well here’s five reasons why Nokia won’t better the Apple iPhone.

1: Previous attempt by Nokia to push out a decent touch-screen mobile phone have been less than successful. Up until now the only true touch-screen Nokia has produced is the 7710, and currently Nokia lists 108 handsets on their website none of which is a touch-screen.

2: Nokia goes it along with their Tube with no other partners, so no “fresh blood” to help means Nokia will be stuck with the S60 platform and their own manufacturer’s ways of doing things.

3: Nokia is bound to dilute the value of their Tube; Nokia will not be in a position to focus exclusively on one phone, leaving it to the networks and affiliates to push it over to their clients.

4: Nokia’s 5800 will probably become available for £40.00 on contracts which undoubtedly means that it will probably be only sold to the same tiny portion of mobile users that the Apple iPhone is already targeting. The 5800 will probably trickle into the mainstream and end up too late to tackle the giant the iPhone has become.

5: The Nokia 5800 Tube isn’t really that much different to the rest of the market, the Comes with Music give access to music, same as iTunes, and Amazon so nothing really different or groundbreaking.

So all in all, the big bad Nokia Tube isn’t that new is it?

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22 thoughts on “Can the Nokia 5800 beat the iPhone? 5 reason why not”

  1. Johnnie Lassiter says:


    This article is absolutely nonsense. The writer doesn’t seem to be interested in technical side at all. Completely out of touch.

  2. Daniel says:

    I think you’re wrong – the Apple IPhone is overhyped and is rubbish to text with.

    Having viewed the demos of the Nokia it looks like they’ve kept the good old fashioned way of texting, albeit using a touch screen.

    So with a nokia you get all the good bits of regular mobiles coupled with 3G wifi web-browsing touch screen.

    Oh and their comes with music system is FREE! you don’t pay 79p per track as you do with Apple…

  3. AK says:

    5 reasons why nokia WILL beat the iphone!

    1. its frigging cheap man!! about 370$ its like the most expensive gps activated touchscreen phone with wifi 3.2 mps camera and flash. In this era of economic crisis and weakening world economy.. this is surely the best bet!

    2. its got a camera with flash!! and video recording too!

    3. its a nokia!! nokia fans and more than 100 million of them are gonna go all about to get this! since its their first(almost) full touchscreen phone

    4. open source, many applications for symbian s60 platform

    5. coz no1 is going to listen to ur shady biased apple-fanboyish article

  4. VK says:

    I too think iPhone is overhyped. Considering Tube’s features and its price nokia lovers will jump for it.

  5. nak says:

    Okay, So i was hoping that the author of this article would have some good reasons to convince me not get it but none of the reasons are convincing. The author just compares it to iphones popularity rather than tech specs, which i’d prefer.

  6. Tin says:

    If you nikia fanboy like it …. buy it, u will never know just how the iphone is light year ahead of anything else on the market (except the google phone, may be).

  7. Ray says:

    For some contries there are reason to believe iphone is the best. but lots of others from various continent do trust Nokia the globel leader has the best user friendly phone 5800 is really capable to offers more than one expect.

  8. AB says:

    Who wrote this article?

    The nokia is 220GBP sim free so it will easily be free even on lower price contracts

    last thing I heard is that it comes with the comes with music subscription, 1 year unlimited free music is better than 79p per track on itunes

    upto 16gb on a micro SD giving you basically unlimited amounts of data

    new can mean better aswell

  9. nak says:

    Responding to one of the comments. I own and iphone and i know how far it is. Too bad u cant make videos or mms, and 2 mp camera w/o flash. $80 per month from attt my friend has t mobile he pays $10 per month.

  10. NONAME7943 says:

    iPhone rules. Nokia doesnt have an app store, you think you can still beat the iPhone?

  11. Ray says:

    Hai Noname7943,
    Nowa days you can’t say that “iphones rules”?, may be for the timebeing its right, when tech changes day by day this phone + multimedia concept changes to a new level to palmtop or to a level of handheld computer how could anyone say that someones rules. see HP, Asuz, Acer,Philips,Toshiba, Fujitsu, Siemens ect are on the race now, just wait and see.

  12. Edd says:

    Looks like a twelve year old wrote this article . . iphone era is over , face it. Nokia 5800 has a browser twice better. Nokia 5800 has a camera thats 1.2 megapixels better! nokia 5800 has better and less restricted media, it’s so much better , face it man . .

  13. Narigara says:

    why nokia copying iPhone if you say 5800 has 3.2 mp camera then capture same photo on iPhone and 5800. And after check 2mp good or 3.2 .lol

  14. Sweden says:

    Hi i got my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic today

    and i can say i like it.. (Iphone are more “real” but 5800 is all that u “need”) i sold my iphone. and i don´t regret it. wonderful sound in it. not a good camera ( but iphone have a bad camera two )

    5800 is litle plastic.
    5800 have a realy nice toutchscreen.

  15. josh says:

    why does anyone buy an i phone. heres reasons not to get one

    1 poor camera
    2 no video
    3no bluetooth
    4limited internet access especialy the original iphone
    5 hands up wants to pay 79p for EACH song
    6 no custom ringtone only the ones apple supply
    7 touchscreen freezes
    8 no expandable memory
    9 cost my friend worked out that it is costing him 1200 pounds on a 24 month contract at £50 per month. for this you can by a gaming pc and a nokia 5800.

    oh yes and have you notice that apple have gone like microsoft and now charge you huge amounts of money for things but apple have gone one step further and take the things you need . apple are control freaks . I hope i ruined a apple fan boys life coz he now knows that he is stupid with stupid outdated and expensive i phones and that his life will never amount to anything.
    yeah you heard me go cry in the corner with your mac

  16. sac says:

    The idiot that wrote this has no idea what he is talking about!
    In the UK u can only get the iphone on 02 contract, nokia 5800 you can have on any contract.
    02 charge an arm and a leg for the iphone even though apple claimed it would only cost £99.
    Why would i want an app store where i am billed for every single app i buy or for that fact every music track i buy when on nokia i get them FREE!!!!
    Why would i want a iphone that cant BLUETOOTH, talk about going backwards, nokia at least are smart enough to give you Beam,bluetooth on thier phones including wifi and gprs.
    Yeah i really want an outdated iphone that you cant even get at the battery to replace if it dies, that is unless i want to go pay an engineer £100 for the privilage of replacing it.
    Shame you dumb ass with an iphone cant share your vid clips with your mates like we with the nokia 5800 can…oh but then again maybe you can if you email it them to there iphone, personally id rather just say to them send it me through bluetooth with no charges incurred ……..

  17. derek farrell says:

    There are many better phones than the iphone.Htc touch HD,Nokia N97,Htc hero ,the list goes on.I owned a 3g iphone and the only good thing about it was its touch screen.Htc and Nokia are the best made phones on the market.I would say it is the Iphone who now needs to play catchup.Htc touch hd is probably the best phone I have owned even with wm6 and would be untouchable with the android operating system installed.Iphone is the most overhyped phone ever and apple employees even admit to this.My son has the 5800 and since the latest firmware update it has run flawlessly.

  18. KEITHO says:

    I am an oldie and have an iphone it works ok but as some say it did not mention the blue tooth is restricted & incompatable with other phone except apple products, + no video downloads from you pc yes it certainly did not mention that in its selling hype I am getting rid of it and going to a 5800 I feel conned into buying it goodby apple products for ever