Will the Samsung Sway push the stocks back up?

Samsung has second place in the global handset market knocking Motorola off the No2 position and currently holds 15.2 percent slice of the market. Samsung won a higher rank in the market due to its hardware design and competitive pricing, although its handsets do not come close to the Apple iPhone in terms of OS and UI.

In this increasingly price sensitive market the Samsung is a good bet it is also beneficiary of the 3G iPhone with its design win for the iPhone’s application processor. Samsung is in a great position because of its presence in both the semiconductor business and the handset business.

With the launch of the new Samsung Sway on October 14 via Verizon we hope to see an improvement in the stocks. At close of trading today the South Korean Electronics giants share prices were down 6.98 percent.

Source: SeekingAlpha

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