Vodafone to Dominate Christmas with Free BlackBerry Storm 9500

It looks like Vodafone are set to dominate Christmas 2008; they are gearing up to challenge the likes of T-Mobile and O2. Vodafone has teamed up with giants BlackBerry to release the all new BlackBerry Storm 9500.

At the moment the strongest competition has to Apple’s iPhone 3G and in our eyes and of course many others will see Vodafone putting so much pressure on Apple that we can see a mobile war about to happen this Christmas. The BlackBerry Storm 9500 is a revolutionary device with the cool “clickable” touchscreen that will NOT allow the user to make calls or send emails accidentally. This handset is set to be free for £35 a month contract with Vodafone, for those who like PAYG please do not worry as there will be a pre-pay handset available as well.

The question is with the Apple iPhone 3G already out and the likes of Nokia 5800 and Google G1 phone coming we really need to know who will be the clear winners this Xmas. The new BlackBerry phone is getting rid of the normal conventional trademark keypad and now has the awesome touchscreen, the screen is supposed to be brilliant with no brushing over the screen to activate it, you need to press down on an item for the screen to work, which as said above no accidental activation.

Apparently Vodafone are getting a staggering 1,000 pre-registrations a day and climbing on their UK website, just so you know the contract for this phone is better than the iPhone and G1 Android phone, T-Mobile are looking at giving the G1 Android phone for free for anyone on a £40 a month deal, we all know that O2 give the iPhone 3G away for free on a £45 contract, Vodafone are giving you the BlackBerry Storm 9500 FREE for a mere £35.


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