BlackBerry Storm Rocks: 5 Reasons Why

Yesterday we finally got a good look at the BlackBerry Storm and wasn’t it worth the wait? So will the Storm be a success or will it be just a “storm in a tea-cup” here are five very good reasons why RIM’s BlackBerry storm will be nothing other than a success.

The Storms gives you a 3.2 megapixel camera, flash, ability to zoom and has autofocus, did I hear someone say something? iPhone? iPhone camera? Sorry don’t really understand iPhone and Camera in the same sentence. Oh nearly forgot you can also record video at half-VGA resolution.

You also have access to EV-DO Rev.A 3G speeds which allows you faster wireless upload speeds compared to Rev. 0. It also has Euro 3G so you can get you super-duper speeds stateside or Europe, so the Storm is a great companion for someone who lives between the US and Europe, however if you are elsewhere in the world you can still roam on GSM.

Enterprise Integration and of course you would expect nothing less from a BlackBerry device and this Storm is everything and more than you expect from a smartphone, access to emails, with the BlackBerry Storm you can forget the trackball or Wheel just tap the open on the touchscreen and you are there.

You can also edit your Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint document straight from your Storm — there’s another thing the iPhone can’t do. And last but not least, Cut and paste, yep you will now be able to cut and paste email address, phone numbers etc. So there you have it, anyone for a BlackBerry Storm vs iPhone challenge? If you think of five things that makes the iPhone win over the Storm please feel free to comment.

Source: informationweek

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