Your Windows Mobile Device: What is yours?

This is all about “Your Windows Mobile Device” we want to know what yours is.

There are so many Microsoft Windows mobile devices out there in our world and in reality Windows mobile is basically the same on most mobile smartphones, but it either works very well or very bad dependant on what device you have.

For example we have the Samsung Blackjack II which is a pretty decent mobile phone that works well, but using Windows Mobile software on it could be better and smoother, personally we prefer touchscreen phones as it is much easier to navigate, we won’t go into great details because Windows Mobile is Windows Mobile, no more, no less.

All we want to know is what is the most popular handset on the market using Windows Mobile software? Please tell us what mobile device you have and of course tell us the good and bad thoughts of WM. So answer this question please and answer in the comments area below “Your Windows Mobile Device: What is yours?


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