Should Research In Motion (RIM) be bought by Microsoft?

Many of you may be pondering on the thought of “Should Research In Motion (RIM) be bought by Microsoft?, now many have already said that yes they should and many say no they shouldn’t, we will let you sound of the answer in our comments area provided below.

Now here are some facts for you, not so long ago Research In Motion (RIM) shares were trading at around $149 or so and now they are at around $53, obviously we can see, and please do not bank on this theory but with the all new BlackBerry Storm being released and the new Bold as well, can we see RIM’s shares rocketing?

We believe that Microsoft wishes to buy RIM for one reason and one reason only “Domination”, yes they want to dominate the mobile phone world, of course many devices have the Windows Mobile software on it but to own a company like Research In Motion would make them one of the top leaders, RIM will always be top of their game even is shares have dropped.

So “Should Research In Motion (RIM) be bought by Microsoft?



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  1. David R. says:

    It’s no longer a question of IF RIM should be bought but WHEN it will be sold.

    RIM has blown it. They got caught with their pants down when the iPhone came out and STILL happily tell the press that new phones like the Bold and Storm were demanded by carriers like ATT and Verizon and NOT dreamed up by the visionless drones in Waterloo.

    Even worse, the new devices have been all HYPE. Not ONE has been battle tested in the marketplace like the iPhone. And not ONE of the new devices has ALL the features of the iPhone — 3G, GPS, WiFI, etc. — as RIM got cute and decided to split key features among several devices: Bold has 3G but no touchscreen, Storm has a touchscreen but no WiFi, etc. Shameful.

    Worst of all, however, is that RIM knows the new phones are no game-changers but rather transitionary crumbs to pacify the BB fanatics. Why else would RIM allow stories of “2nd and 3rd generationa Storms” and a future “SuperBerry” to come to light now, on the eve of their new products, unless they know something we don’t?

    What RIM knows is what analysts and people who have actually played with these TOYS know:

    RIM whiffed the ball.

    There will be no mass adoption of these phones beyond anybody at the end of a phone contract in the consumer segment.

    There will be no mass “upgrades” of these phones in the financially hard-hit enterprise market beyond any already-planned-for upgrades.

    There will be no “skyrocketing” RIM stock.

    There will only be MONTHS of leaks, hype, paid-off celebrity sightings of the coming “UberBlackBerry” to take everybody’s eyes off the mediocre sales numbers this holiday.

    All hype, little bottom line, lots of internal marketing costs, and sad investors.

    You blew it, RIM!

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