Resco Photo Viewer for faster Gallery on Nokia Eseries

Over the past few years the Resco Photo Viewer has evolved paralleling that of Nokia’s NSeries Gallery in certain way. Which makes it unnecessary for anyone using a Nokia NSeries mobile phone, however a “MegaApp” is a must have for anyone who is struggling with the old S60 Gallery.

Apparently the guy who used the Resco Photo Viewer had hit the sluggish Gallery and has found that the Resco Photo Viewer 3rd Party application impressed with speed.

Quote: “It’s very hard to find ways to fault Photo Viewer – with a lot of development behind it, including work specifically for the E90, any rough edges have long since been knocked off and what’s left is fit, fast and functional. Yes, S60 Gallery should have included something this good – but since the Eseries seem to have been rather overlooked on this front, I’m going to take all the help I can get from a third party.”

To find out more about Resco Photo Viewer go here

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