South Africa (SA) getting HTC G1 Android phone on Vodacom

The awesome and highly popular HTC G1 Android phone is going to South Africa (SA) on Vodacom very soon.

It wasn’t long ago when the Apple iPhone was launched in South Africa and when this happened theG1 Google Android handset made it into the news, we already know how popular the G1 is considering the pre-orders have hit a massive 1.5 million.

The HTC G1 Android phone will be launched in South Africa later next year according to Vodacom, all those that live in SA please let us know if you will be buying this handset?



3 thoughts on “South Africa (SA) getting HTC G1 Android phone on Vodacom”

  1. G1_Is_Awesome says:

    I’m definitely getting one! I’ve been tracking the development of Android for a long time and I am very excited to try it out for myself! Can’t wait 🙂