The famous Zippo experience hits the Apple iPhone App Store

The Apple iPhone can now bring the iPhoner the experience of using a famous Zippo lighter, as Zippo has released to the Apple iTunes App Store the Zippo application for the iPhone.

Yes that’s right; it’s a free app from the App Store that puts a Zippo lighter simulation onto your Apple iPhone. Obviously it is a virtual Zippo and can’t actually light anything, but it will probably entertain a few iPhoners for a while.

The iPhone experiences the famous “Zippo Moment” by holding the iPhone or iPod Touch and swaying it as if attending a concert… (Yeah ok!) The Zippo app also has realistic sound effects, so I guess you hear the click as well.

Want it? It’s free from the App Store.

Source — intomobile


2 thoughts on “The famous Zippo experience hits the Apple iPhone App Store”

  1. iphoneski says:

    This actually looks like a fun application for the iPhone and might make for very strange moments at concerts (just imagining hundreds of iphone zippos waving around).