Upcoming Competition: Would you like BlackBerry Storm or HTC G1 Android Phone?

We here at Phones Review will be starting a competition soon and with two brand spanking new smartphones coming soon we thought we would ask you which one you would like us to put up for competition.

We would like to know if you would like to win the RIM BlackBerry Storm 9500 or the HTC G1 Android Phone, as soon as we get our hands on either of these phones we will start the competition, let us know what you would prefer in the comments area provided below.

We will let you know about the competition and the date we will start it, if you do not want to miss out then please join our Phones Review Newsletter where you will be sent updates via email.


9 thoughts on “Upcoming Competition: Would you like BlackBerry Storm or HTC G1 Android Phone?”

  1. MITCH says:

    This is a nobrainer!
    The Android as I understand it is only a prototype while the Storm is for real.
    A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

  2. TheologyGeek says:

    Ummm… prototype? There are 1.5 million pre-sales for the Android powered G1 coming out next week.

    I am not concerned much with birds or shrubbery, but I bet my G1 is in my mailbox before your Storm hits the stores.

    G1 all the way!


  3. judy than says:

    Omg I want the G1 some bad
    But right now I don’t have any money to buy it =(
    So…I wish and hope to my dearest life that I get the phone.