Free wireless Radio Band for mobile phone devices

Would a mobile device that uses a US radio band (2,155 to 2,175 MHz) with free wireless service cause interference with mobile phones using nearby band?

According to the FCC conducted tests the analysis shows that an AWS-1 and AWS-3 device operating in close proximity does not necessarily result in interference.

T-Mobile was not happy with the report and have accused the FCC of basing its answer on new assumptions that were not used when the tests took place.

One thing is for sure there is one party who are happy with the result, M2Z said: ‘There is no longer any need for American consumers, the public interest and the FCC’s regulatory process to be held hostage as it has been for the last five months by incumbent carriers… who have used unfounded claims of interference to disguise their intent to prevent the introduction of new broadband competition in the AWS-3 band.”

Will this leave the door open for other free mobile wireless radio bands?

Source: hardware.slashdot.org