USA: The BlackBerry Storm First-Look, First-Touch Event

Now this is superb, well for those in USA anyway. This is all about the BlackBerry Storm First-Look, First-Touch Event, they want you to join them for food, beverages and an exclusive, hands-on preview of the most talked about touchscreen smartphone.

This is without doubt marketing at its best, the Verizon marketing team is not content on you just looking at the mobile before release, they want you to look at it and touch it hence the name of the event “First-Look, First-Touch”.

Here are the BlackBerry Storm First-Look, First-Touch events and dates, if you visit the official site below you can click on each of these shown on the list and it will give you greater detail.

– Omaha NE ( 10/28/2008 )
– Minneapolis MN ( 10/29/2008 )
– Detroit MI ( 11/06/2008 )
– Columbus OH ( 11/10/2008 )
– St. Louis MO ( 11/11/2008 )
– Cleveland OH ( 11/11/2008 )
– Indianapolis IN ( 11/11/2008 )
– Kansas City MO ( 11/12/2008 )
– Pittsburgh PA ( 11/14/2008 )
– Cincinnati OH ( 11/17/2008 )
– Chicago IL ( 11/18/2008 )
– Milwaukee WI ( 11/20/2008 )

Source — Official Site


4 thoughts on “USA: The BlackBerry Storm First-Look, First-Touch Event”

  1. Tom says:

    I guess we won’t be getting it mid-November…. bummer. Sucks but it’s worth waiting for. I bet it goes on sale the week Monday 11/24. That’s the Monday before Thanksgiving and it’s also when they released the Voyager last year.

  2. Adam says:

    This is bogus. I mean its a legit event but theres a huge discussion about it on crackberry forums and this company is a VZW reseller and is having this even for businesses after the Storm is released. Notice the random places for the event; if this was a big deal it would be in places like NY/LA/DC…not Ohio, no offense. Release date is by 11/9.

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