HTC Dream T-Mobile G1 Android Demo Video

Now we have found a cool video which to tell you truth could have been better quality, below you can watch the awesome HTC Dream T-Mobile G1 Android Demo Video.

A forum member over on Android Community posted this video and he said that he finally got the chance to see the T-Mobile G1 phone in person; he said that this phone is awesome for real and was so excited when he saw it. Reps told him they did not have any demo’s and she also told him that they would probably get one on the same day when it comes out, well he thought he would head of out there to see if they was lying or not, and then when he got there he found they did have a demo.

Another forum member said that it is great to see people taking their video cameras with them to the T-Mobile store; they also said the video rocks which we will have to agree. Please check out the video below and let us know what you think.


One thought on “HTC Dream T-Mobile G1 Android Demo Video”

  1. Anna Carlson says:

    Great find.

    Just to let people know…
    If you fancy being one of the first to see the G1 in the flesh, T-Mobile is hosting an exclusive early opening of our store at 287 Oxford Street, London, W1C 2DP (nearest Tube Oxford Circus). You’ll need to be there for 7am to find out what we have planned for the T-Mobile G1 launch.