AT&T and Verizon help John McCain service

The wife of presidential candidate John McCain came under fire after apparently asking Verizon and AT&T to improve her mobile phone service. According to Washington Post, Cindy McCain asked for the better service in early 2007 from the couple’s remote ranch near Sedona Arizona. Both AT&T and Verizon provided portable free cell towers that improved the coverage.

Verizon asked the county if they would allow and give their permission for them to build a permanent tower on John McCain’s land which of course would mainly improve the phone reception for the McCains. After Verizon said it did not make business sense to build a permanent one and discarded the request.

McCain’s spokesperson said that nothing that Verizon or AT&T or indeed the McCain’s did was improper, as McCain’s staff said just because Mrs McCain is married to a senator it doesn’t mean she has no right to ask for a better phone coverage like anyone can.

Source: marketwatch