SouthWing SG241 headset brings Instant Alibi to AT&T phones

AT&T has teamed with SouthWing to combine the SouthWing SH241 headset with any AT&T Bluetooth compatible mobile phone to simplify access to news, travel, sports, finance and weather as the touch of the headset’s button.

Users of the SouthWing SG241 headset will also be able to create an Instant Alibi to call themselves out of that overrunning meeting or those awkward social gatherings.

VoiceInfo on the SouthWing SG241 headset can be used as a mobile concierge to bring the user a “wake-up call” or remind them of meetings. The SouthWing SH241 headset is available right now at all AT&T stores across the US for $39.99.

Source — slashphone


One thought on “SouthWing SG241 headset brings Instant Alibi to AT&T phones”

  1. SouthWing says:

    Thanks for the mention of the SH241! There are occasional rebates and discounts from AT&T that reduce the price further also.

    The SouthWing Team