What happens when a Apple Nano and Nokia Aeon mix?

This concept mobile phone may look like an Apple Nano but it isn’t, in fact it is a Nokia Aeon concept design by Mac Funamizu, and well as it is only a concept phone there are no specifications available, and obviously no price.

All we do know is that it does look quite similar to the Apple Nano, and more than likely has the same type of feel. Furthermore it probably has a nondescript tactile feedback tech with its surface adapting to various actions.

There is also an e-ink screen that apparently “envelops the phone in graphics and information.” One wonders if this will ever get off the ground; it’s a cool looking concept though.

Source — yankodesign


One thought on “What happens when a Apple Nano and Nokia Aeon mix?”

  1. I have to say that is probably one of the most uniquely designed phones I’ve seen as of late coming from Nokia, but it does seem to mimic the form of the latest iPod. I like the look of the e-ink screen as well. I think it they did produce this phone it could be a big seller.

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