My Debate: BlackBerry Storm, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic & T-Mobile G1 Phone

Now we want to get to the bottom of this, we have mentioned the BlackBerry Storm, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic & T-Mobile G1 phones so many times with news, debates and videos etc.

Well now this is the debate of all debates and we will not go into all the specs and stuff, it is plain a simple “We want to know why” you prefer a certain handset. The three phones mentioned above are all good in their own way but to find a victor is all down to you.

We want full detailed info on why you like a particular phone, whilst you think click on each of these links for the specs and info and then come back to us, BlackBerry Storm, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic & T-Mobile G1 Phone.

Now in the comments area please give us detailed info on why you prefer your choice of phone.


7 thoughts on “My Debate: BlackBerry Storm, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic & T-Mobile G1 Phone”

  1. J.J. Ackerman says:

    Personally i prefer the G1 because of its ties to google and the fact that it has an actual keyboard. I had an iphone and with my huge fingers it was almost impossible for me to type. Plus the fact that it has the Amazon music service instead of a DRM’d music seervice won me over.

  2. E Rallis says:

    I prefer the Blackberry storm for many reasons:

    Full touch interface
    Same email client that is the core of blackberries success
    3g Network
    Use as a modem for laptops and other devices
    3.2 megapixel camera
    and its clickable screen which makes selection alot easier and more interactive.

    Hands down the blackberry storm is the best phone for me

  3. DiegordnajelA says:

    I prefer the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, because the price, the specs, and the structure are great.
    The iPhone is a pretty device, but is not enough to compare with these to phones. So, I really like the great Nokia 5800.

  4. p4l says:

    It is really a tough call. I am a tmobile customer and i have the mda right now by htc and it has been great for 3 years, so it’s kind of hard not choosing another phone by htc. the storm just looks sooooo good, but I really dont know how it will operate…just have to wait and see, right now it is the g1 but the storm has not lost yet

  5. My choice is the most capable of the lot, Nokia 5800:
    GPS navigation, wi-fi, AT&T 3g compatible, unlocked, carl zeiss lens, autofocus, multi-tasking. Might possibly wait for the soon to be announced n-series touch device.

    decided against iphone: no GPS navigation, no 3rd party multi-tasking, no copy/paste

    decided against G1: no GPS nav, no standard headphone out, no video recording capability, T-mobile 3g only.

  6. 1) Size
    The iphone is bigger in size and uneasy for one hand grip. Nokia 5800 is designed to fit well into your hands. Being smaller in width, its easy to operate single handedly.
    Iphone size: 115.5 X 62.1 X 12.3 mm
    Nokia 5800 size: 111 X 51.7 X 15.5 mm

    2) Weight
    Iphone is much bulkier than Nokia 5800. Nokia 5800 is 25g lighter than Iphone in weight.
    Iphone: 133g
    Nokia 5800: 109g

    3) Screen Resolution
    The Iphone has 3.5” screen while Nokia 5800 has 3.2” but the resolution of 5800 is far more superior to Iphone.
    Iphone: 480 by 320
    Nokia 5800: 640 by 360

    4) Storage
    Iphone comes with two options- 8GB & 16GB internal memory. Nokia has a more flexible option to offer 8GB with micro SD card which is expandable upto 16GB. Nokia owners can expand memory size according to needs which the Iphone guys can’t do.

    5) Input Methods
    Iphone: Finger only.
    Nokia 5800: Finger, stylus, plectrum, handwriting recognition.

    6) Features
    Apple Iphone has lots of missing features like cut and paste function, saving email attachments, no support for third party headphones, ringtones, applications, many software bugs and other technical glitches. Nokia 5800 Tube has no such issues plus many more amazing features included.

    7) Colors
    Iphone: Black for 8 & 16 GB, White for 16 GB only.
    Nokia 5800: Red, Blue and Black.

    8 ) Battery
    Nokia 5800 provides upto 35 hrs of music playing time against Apple Iphone which claims just 24 hrs. Overall battery power (talktime/standby) is also about 30% more in Nokia 5800. What more, 5800 has a removable battery which Iphone lacks.
    Iphone: 5 hrs talk-time, 300 hrs standby, not removable.
    Nokia 5800: 8.8 hrs talk-time, 406 hrs standby, removable battery.

    9) Camera
    Iphone: 2 MP, no flash, no zoom, no additional camera.
    Nokia 5800: 3.2 MP, Flash, 3x digital zoom with Carl Zeiss lens. A second camera in front is available for video calling/conferencing.

    10) Video Calling
    Iphone: No Video calling possible in Iphone.
    Nokia 5800: Video calling is possible.
    11) Video Recording
    IPhone: No option for video recording.
    Nokia 5800: Video recording is included.

    12) Music Service
    Iphone: Paid service with Apple Itunes Store. You pay and download music to your Iphone.
    Nokia 5800: “Comes with music” service is bundled with Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic phone by which you can download as much music as you want for 1 year- FREE!!

    13) Voice Dialing
    Iphone: Not Available
    Nokia 5800: Available

    14) Voice Recording
    IPhone: Not Available
    Nokia 5800: Available

    15) Web Browser
    Iphone: Webkit based Safari browser, no flash available.
    Nokia 5800: Webkit based browser, supports flash lite.

    16) FM Radio
    Iphone: Not Available
    Nokia 5800: Available

    17) Bluetooth
    Iphone: Bluetooth is available for just handsfree, no file sharing possible.
    Nokia 5800: Bluetooth available for handsfree and file sharing is possible. Better audio quality on bluetooth in 5800 with A2DP technology which Iphone lacks.

    18) Messaging
    Iphone: It does not support message forwarding, multiple SMS deletion, sending SMS to multiple recipients and multimedia messages (MMS).
    Nokia 5800: All the above is possible plus it has MMS ver 1.3, message size upto 600kb, and automatic resizing of Images for MMS.

    19) Price
    Nokia 5800 is hopefully unlocked (without any contract) and will sell much cheaper for just £219 in UK which is equal to 279 Euros or $385.
    Apple iPhone 3G, on the other hand, with contract in US comes for $199 & $299 for 8 & 16 GB models and the plans with AT&T are way too expensive. Unlocked Apple Iphones sells for around $800 on Ebay.
    In other parts of the world, the 8GB unsubsidized Iphone model costs 499 euros ($700) in Italy, 350 pounds ($620) in UK, $700 in India. Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic is expected to sell around the world for about $400 or below.

    20) Experience
    Nokia: Ages of experience, hundreds of success stories and dozens of smart handsets in current portfolio. Nokia has about 40% market share with the No.1 spot with no close competitors. Certainly the king when it comes to brand value, service and experience.
    Apple: First phone ever launched by Apple is Iphone, no prior experience in the telecom market. It’s a novice in the market with a very less market share despite having millions of Iphone sold.

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